Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Yeah don’t watch this if you are on the fence, regarding a U3415W.

Gonna bite the bullet, going from 1080p to this is gonna be glorious.

Also I wasn’t even aware this was a thing:


I don’t have one, but I do like the idea of ultrawide. Surround gaming bezels suck.


That Dell is really tempting. I’ve been thinking about the ROG 34", and really want to go beyond 60Hz, but it’s an extra $500.


I absolutely love my 21:9 monitor. I got the 34" Asus one with V-sync that cost more than I like to think about. The picture is gorgeous and very immersive… as long as you can get the frame rate up.

And there’s the rub. My i7-2600k with 970’s in SLI couldn’t cut it with details cranked up at that resolution. My expensive monitor purchase directly caused a new computer build with a 1080. Now it’s awesome, of course. Just be mindful of the CPU/GPU power you will need to run 3440x1440.

I also love it for every day and desktop stuff. I dock windows “full screen” to half of the monitor. It’s like having 2 full monitors without the bezel. I greatly prefer it to my old 2 monitor setup.


@Vesper, did you run that new monitor with the i7-2600 and the gtx1080?

Here is a comparison vid of 4 monitors that run 21:9.


Kinda. If you have a 27" 2560x1440 monitor, imagine it being 1/3 wider and that’s exactly it. It’s nowhere near double the width. But then again, I never have windows fullscreen on my 27" 1440p monitor, so there is wasted horizontal space.


I’ve had one for a few months and I LOVE it. I’m still running dual monitors, but there’s soooo much wonderful space on the 3415W that I mostly use the second monitor for Xbox One or to watch shows/movies while I’m using the PC>

Also, the fact that it fills most of your field of view is awesome for gaming. Really adds to the immersion. Game support is mixed. Some games letterbox the sides if they don’t support 21:9, but a surprising percentage do. I find with a 980Ti I can run most games maxed out at full resolution. (The pixels are so little/sharp I can turn AA down or off completely with no ill results to get a little extra speed.) If you do need to drop the resolution, the scaling looks great with an Nvidia card.


Nope. I never installed the 1080 in the 2600k machine.

One other thing: the 21:9 monitors are significantly shorter than the 27" 1440p panels. It’s so wide of a picture you don’t really mind, but everything is a bit smaller than before.


The usual size (34") is 109DPI, the same as a 27" 2560x1440 monitor.


Hmm… I could have sworn it was smaller. Now I’ll have to measure. Maybe the huge bezel on the 27" Korean monitor is messing with me.


Probably-- I had one of those korean monitors, and when I got my new 27" dell I would have sworn it was much smaller, due to those gigantic bezels.


Yeah, I have my Dell 3415W next to an Asus 27" 2560x1440 display. Vertically the screens are the same size.


OK, why on earth are these things coming with HDMI 1.4 in 2016? The stuff in the cheap seats (AUD$900 @34") typically only has a single 60Hz capable input (usually displayport). Do they actually skimp for cheaper electronics which is the limitation, or just feature reduction for the price point?


Are you using the USB switching capability? I believe the U3415 has two upstream USB 3.0 ports so connected peripherals can be switched between two PC…


So, if I was in the market for a monitor, is the U3415W the way to go, or is there something coming down the pike that would be better to wait for?


U3415 is $3 cheaper than yesterday… or $670 if you want the last one from Georgia Wholesale Group.

(This is not an endorsement.)


Depends on your budget and priorities. It looks to be a great panel, but the 60Hz limit and lack of VRR gives me pause. $700 seems like a good price, but at the same time it’s a lot to spend on something that doesn’t quite hit everything I’m looking for.


I really want that 21:9 ratio, but I have to accept the facts that, I’d need to go from a 1070 to a 1080 to play stuff on max settings like I prefer. I’d also need to upgrade my mobo/cpu/ram. As they are from 2011 and are already holding back my 1070.

At 1080p, the gtx1070 is future proofing yourself for probably 2+ years. :)


Yep, I use it when I’m doing work on my work Surface Book or my MacBook Air. Just connect the USB cable and the DisplayPort cable to the laptop and switch the monitor input. I have my keyboard/mouse plugged into the monitor USB, so it acts as a switchbox between my desktop and the laptop. Works great, doesn’t seem to add any lag.


Groovy! So, additional question… Are you using a gaming keyboard/mouse? My Razer Blackwidow and Naga will not get recognised through my USB 2 kvm and offer only basic HID capability as a result. This seems a common enough problem with kvm’s but there is minimal info confirming which work and which dont.