Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


1080p on a 4k screen should be perfectly pixel-doubled and absolutely sharp. Go for it.

Use 4k for your desktop, of course. Increase DPI scaling so you can read.


Would the GPU or the TV do the upscale? I know almost nothing about upscaleing.


You generally get the choice.


What’s the verdict on the Asus PG348Q, relative to other ultra widescreens like the Acer Predator?


I have a PG348Q and it is glorious. The Asus Predator uses the same panel, but allegedly has slightly poorer quality control. Also, no flashy LED logo shining on you desk!


Do you use HDMI or display port? I don’t really understand display port and what it offers (or doesn’t) but it seems to be used on high end stuff and I’d like to better understand where it fits in.


Just to close the loop – bought it, love it, thanks stusser!


I use DisplayPort. I believe DP is required for Gsync to work. DisplayPort also supports multiple monitor connections (of course all of the modern GPUs have multiple ports anyway).


Great! Enjoy all your reclaimed desk space.


[quote=“Vesper, post:128, topic:75674”]I use DisplayPort. I believe DP is required for Gsync to work. DisplayPort also supports multiple monitor connections (of course all of the modern GPUs have multiple ports anyway).

Alright, pulled the trigger on the PG348Q - your enthusiasm is infectious!


Awesome. You will love it!


I saw this the other day but didn’t process it. Do most modern up scalers actually do pixel doubling like this? I figured they’d just feed it into the normal process and it would look nasty.

EDIT: scrolled up and saw the mention of artifacts. Never mind.


Just finished GTA V, pc version. It’s a real tour de force, visually. That came after Blood and Wine, which was another wonderful evocation of its setting. I wish I’d got an ultrawide monitor beforehand… as nothing coming up seems likely to offer the same rewards. So I probably won’t bother :(

I need these enhanced consoles to come out and raise the bar somehow.


I’m mildly obsessed with the idea of playing Rocket League at 144fps and I want to try out FreeSync, but I don’t want to spend a ton. I’m looking at the Gigabyte AMD R7 360 GPU and pairing that with an AOC G2460PF monitor.

Does that card have enough juice to do 144? Are there other options I should be considering?


Probably, but not at resolutions that you’re gaming at in 2016. You’d be looking at the top AMD card out right now, the RX 480 (still in short supply everywhere)


Thanks. I’m only looking to do 1080p, and I’m not super concerned about high detail, I’m mostly concerned with keeping things smooth.


I’m looking at these two monitors myself now after getting fed up waiting for ASUS ROG PG279Q to come in stock. It is pretty amusing how people who own both monitors say this about the other one depending on what they have. Makes it hard to decide though but that is hardware i guess.


So all this talk of ultrawide monitors has me going down a rabbit hole and my 1080p 27" BenQ no longer seems so great. Dell is running a Labor Day deal on their 34" Ultrawide U3415W for about $680 US after coupon. I know this doesn’t compare to the top of the line Asus but it’s also almost half that price. Lets say I wanted to make this my gaming monitor for the next 5-7 years am I really missing out by not having G-Sync and only 60Hz refresh?


I’m wondering exactly the same thing.

With the money you save, you can get the 1070 to drive it :) Maybe even the 1080.

Where are you seeing this coupon?


Oh I’ve already got the 1070 which is why I’m curious if this is A) a good deal and B) enough monitor for the next 5 years or should I just keep saving for something like what Desslock just bought or one of the top of the line 27" G-Sync IPS panels