Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor

Yeah, I’m specifically looking for 27" 1080p 360hz monitors, and I’m confused why all but one seem to be 1440p at that size. I am using this one for CS2, which isn’t as fast as CSGO, but I did bump my 3080 Ti box down to Counter-Strike duties, so I’m still getting ~300fps most of the time. In any case, my current 240hz monitor is technically a bottleneck, and it could serve as a swanky LAN party monitor. The alternative right now is my 21" 1600x1200 CRT, which actually feels hella responsive, but of course it’s screen tear city at 60hz. Even if the scanline is always on the newest frame, any one line waits 16.7ms for new information.

I can definitely tell the difference from 144hz to 240hz. It’s nowhere near as impactful as the step up from 60hz, but it’s noticeably smoother and marginally more responsive. I’m not sure I’ll be able to directly sense the difference between 240hz and 360hz, but I know that I have a slight edge when I have lower ping, even though I can’t always sense the difference, and it would remove a slight bottleneck overall. But the real point is that the 240hz monitor becomes an option for a friend. Why sidegrade when I could upgrade? (The answer seems to be money, since only the 24" 360hz monitors come in 1080p at reasonable prices.)

The v2.0 version of the M27Q is supposedly better in terms of text quality, but the panel seems to be slightly worse than the 1.0 in general. And I didn’t realize this, but I guess there’s only one USB-B connection on the KVM, and the second device must be connected via USB-C. That’s a bit of a letdown. I think I could make it work, but for a KVM I’d expect both to be connected via USB-B.

And it’s also disappointing to see that there’s only one 27" 1440p monitor line I found with front panel controls, the Asus ProArt 278 series (which rtings doesn’t seem keen on, especially for gaming). Almost everything else puts them in the back of the monitor on the right-hand side. Does no one put two monitors side-by-side any more? How are you supposed to reach the buttons if you’ve got a monitor on the right-hand side of it?

There are a few models with a joystick under the center bottom bezel, but that doesn’t lend itself to quick input switching, and I have a center channel speaker under the monitor that’s going to block it anyway.

Got my kid the 27" 180Hz mini-LED from AOC; good reviews, on sale for $250, and he gets to be a guinea pig for the tech, lol.

Edit - they’d been waffling about what monitor to get and had been stuck on 1080p at 60Hz. It was getting to the point I felt like a failure of a father to let them keep gaming like that

They ended bumping the price on it and some others I was looking at.

Anyone tried one of the Benq or Asus eye care monitors? I imagine they aren’t create for gaming, but I spend a lot more time looking at code than I do gaming.

I imagine my next monitor will be a 4k 32”. When I tried it 4k at 27” I’d either have to bump the font settings or move the monitor closer.

Also wondering how much I will notice/dislike moving from oled to something else after 4+ years with the 27GL83A.

AOC has been one of the best value options for high refresh rate monitors for several years now. They’re not going to win any color quality awards, but if you’re not looking at an AOC side-by-side with a swanky LG or something, you won’t really notice. You will notice all the money you saved on a responsive gaming monitor.

I like to hear that - thanks! I could only find one “legit-looking” review aside from customers, and it was gushing (for the price)

AOC tends to be something you see in esports a lot like BenQ, right?

It’s super hard to find a monitor that isn’t an OLED that does good HDR and that one looks like it should. Hell I’m freaking interested in it after reading the specs. I gave my daughter my old AOC monitor and it worked perfectly. They for whatever reason have super crazy bright monitors and since that’s HDR 1000 that’s no exception.

The only bummer I see is that it is only HDMI 2.0. That means if you connect a console you will not get all the next gen features that are barely useable anyway. ;) I hook my PC and consoles all to the monitor. The one I have is 2.0 only too so shrug. HDR 1000 with mini LEDs for 250 hot damn.

Has anyone used INNOCN before? Seeing them pop up in Amazon, and thought it was some cheap, knockoff thing, but seems to give some of their monitor pretty good ratings.

It’s a Chinese brand that gets good reviews. I wouldn’t expect it to last 10 years or anything. My Hisense went 2 months before it died and was fixed under warranty for example. They are getting good reviews all over the place so I mean as long as you are willing to roll the dice a bit it may be a good deal.

I was looking around and ya the AOC really doesn’t have any video reviews which is freaking weird. For 250 I think it’s worth the gamble. I may grab it myself. I spent a good week looking a few months ago and couldn’t find anything that would do good HDR and 1440P and gave up.

What I’m wanting to try at the moment is 4k at 32” or higher. What I really need is some store where you try different size monitors on different desks or have them on some surface where you could adjust the depth of the monitor location and see how it will look to your eyes. I guess I should dig out the 27” 4k again and see what it looks like if I stick it much closer to the front of the desk. I doubt I will like that va tn panel nearly as much as the oled 1440p, which is a better fit for 27”.

Most people recommend 4K for 32 and higher. I have 1440p for my 32 and I think it’s great. I also have shitty eyes so there is that. Anything bigger you might as well start looking at the LG tvs. I had considered doing that, but the glossy screen terrifies me for where mine would be placed. I’d be looking at reflections nonstop. Ick

That is basically what the lg was I posted the other day. I think they basically took their 48” oled tv, and called it a monitor. I think the biggest I could really go though is something like Samsung’s 43” neo g7. At one point I was thinking I could possibly do something like that Samsung and mount it on the wall, but I have an uplift standing desk, so either there would need to be a wall mount solution to deal with that, or it would turn into an always standing or sitting desk. That is too big anyways I think, though it is fun to think about. I just want something where I can get a lot of code on the screen at once that is nice, sharp, and clear to read. Maybe someday someone will get an eink type display working really well.

I think my days of spending any serious amount of time playing fps games, or even rts games are in the past, and I don’t think I need some super high refresh rate thing to play things I might still play like paradox strategy, or Factorio type games. So I should probably make the jump to 4k, though my 3070 won’t be very happy about that. I forgot though that this older 27” 4k I do have, either doesn’t have VRR, or it has very crappy VRR that nvidia probably isn’t going to like much. Another reason to grab a 32” instead.

I was looking around and I’m still totally confused on that AOC monitor. There’s nothing that even comes close to those specs at even double that price. It’s the HDR 1000 that has me puzzled. I’m tempted to buy it just to see if it explodes into a fireball or something.

Make sure you’re ok with a VA monitor. I went away from IPS once and immediately regretted it.

It’s a “fast VA” panel so no appreciable lag, but yeah - viewing angles will always be a concern with them (and not the best for color accuracy).

Yeah, it was never about the lag so much as the looks. IPS just look so much better.

I had a bad experience with a VA monitor, a LG one, with super noticeable black streaks (in some games with more cartoony aspect it was so bad). But my big (and expensive) tv is VA and I use it with the pc, and it’s totally fine, in both game mode and normal mode.

Conclusion: there are bad VA panels and good VA panels.

I have to check, but I’m pretty sure my current monitor is VA. Which is why it has good contrast. 250 just seems off for the specs. Like it’s going to steal my wife when I’m not looking or something.

LOL - I’d provide my kid’s review, but it’s going to be delivered to their home while they’re visiting here for Thanksgiving

edit - ordered one a bit over a week ago, so we’ll hopefully see a review from them in the near future