Advice: Laptops

Starting next Fall, I’ll be attending SUNY Binghatmon University, Binghamton New York. I was wondering though, as its one of my graduation presents, what kind of laptop I should get, or should I stick with a Desktop (I was shown/told that every room has a desk for a desktop should a student prefer them).

I have sloppy handwriting, so I would probably use the laptop in class to take notes, making it my premier choice.

So in total, I guess my question is thus:

What should I get for a Laptop? I plan on using it for school work, and gaming when not in class, probably. Games I’ll play will probably be the new LotR online, if that has any bearing.


My advice would be to post threads asking for laptop advice in the Hardware forum.

That, and buy a Macbook Pro, if you can afford it.

Get a laptop. Don’t give into MacOS. Stay strong.

Get one that works well in cold weather.

Get a MacBook Pro. Best laptop ever.

Meh, I think a laptop for school use is kind of overrated, personally. I’m in college and I don’t have one - and the people who do use them are looking at youtube videos at lectures half the time.

And your point is?

If you really have trouble reading your own handwriting, than the laptop is a good idea. as for which one? What else are you going to do with it?

If you plan to take a laptop to class I would think you would want something ultra portable with good battery life. Maybe a sony vaio TX series one (never used one just they look like kind of neat) or something. But those usually aren’t very good for gaming. So then maybe build a SFF pc to go with it. Then you have the best of both worlds.

Gaming laptops tend to be very big and heavy. Probably not something you want to lug around to class.

My wife is from Binghamton. She recommends getting a laptop that’s waterproof.

Seriously, though, the big trade offs are going to be battery life, weight, power, and screen size. Figure out what’s most important to you.

I’m not a student, but I use a (slightly older) HP TC1100 tablet. I love the tablet features, and with OneNote, it’s a frickin’ student’s dream.

Any laptop that will game worth a damn is going to be too heavy to lug to class. I put my trusty Inspiron 9300 in a backpack for a short 1-mile ride to my friend’s house, and it was heavy.

So my recommendation is to pick one or the other (gaming or portable)

Damn… I don’t plan to do a TON of gaming on it… I mean, the only Computer game I play now is Starcraft, and I probably tend to keep it that way.

Yet, I’d like to have the ability to play games on it when I’m at home over the Summer and the breaks, as it will be my only (probably) computer.

I don’t know yet. I might not be lugging it around. I’ve been to the campus, and its big, but its not Freaking huge. I guess it’ll depend upon where I’m living.

But mostly, I want a reliable one, if nothing else. So, any suggestions on good quality laptops, for a reasonable price. I looked at a Dell XPS, and it was 3k. I’m not willing to have someone spend 3k on me for a laptop.

If you want the Mac thing, get the Macbook. Much cheaper, smaller, and Starcraft is a Mac game.

If you want small, portable, Windows and powerful, look at the Vaios.

If you want a decent but not particulary noteworthy, check out the HPs or Gateways.

Whoa! Bing! Graduated there in 2005 :)

Anyway, I’d reccomend a not oo heavy(under 7lb) desktop replacement type of laptop if you’re planning on gaming. Sure, you won’t be able to lug it to class but the hassle of not having to lug a desktop + monitor around will be a worth it, I think.

If you’re really determined to bring the laptop to class you’ll want to look into the ultra portables…but they’re not very suited for gaming. At all :(

Oh and join the Go club there! I don’t want the club I started to die anytime soon :P

edit: Oh, and I’m personally rather partial to the Toshiba laptops for a decent Gaming/Multi-media laptop at a reasonable price.

The Go club? Never heard of it. But its nice to here from people who went there.

Thanks for the advice.

Echoing everything krazykrok said.

If you really want to take notes in class, an ultraportable(12.1"-13.3") is the only way but forget about games like LOTRO.

If you really want to play something like LOTRO, i’d consider checking the 14.1"-15.4" laptops. But be warned that battery life on these will suck, a lot.

Good brands/models would be the Fujitsu (P series for UltraPortables), anything from IBM, Toshiba (has been returning to a decent status, imo), Asus and maybe even the Vaios, although i’d only get one of these as last option(Not that i hate Sony, i have one, but because the production values on these is or used to be kinda low).

Well, I will probably be bringing my 360 to college, as I can’t imagine life without halo 3 when it ships. So, a lot of the ‘gaming’ I do will be on that.

So, a Fujitsu, IBM, or a Toshiba? M’kay then…

All of the new MacBooks are based on Intel chips. They can run Windows XP, and run it well. They are well made, lightweight, and cheap.

Call your school’s IT people, and see if you’ll be able to get a copy of XP installed through a site license; if you’re not doing hardcore laptop gaming, and you don’t have to pay full-price for Windows, the MacBook is the best laptop you could buy.

If you get a laptop, don’t leave it plugged in with the battery in it the whole time. The battery will go dead and useless.

Is there a link to back that up? I’ve never heard of that.