Advice requested: new vid card now or hold off?

Is this card (a GTX460 Superclocked from EVGA) a decent upgrade from a GTX260 Superclocked? That looks like a nice price. Would it be overkill if my processor is still a Core2 Duo 3.0 GHz (E8400)? At this point I’m thinking I should probably just save my money till I buy a new machine entirely early next year with a Sandy Bridge cpu. In any case, I figured I’d post the deal in case anyone was in the market.

Don’t know if it’d be worth it. the 460 is a bit faster, but not by a lot. Shouldn’t be overkill for your CPU.
If you’re determined to upgrade (the GTX260 is still a decent card), I’d personally jump to at least a 560 or 570.

I upgraded from a 260 to a 460, and didn’t notice much difference. My next card is likely to be a 570 when prices drop on them.

I went from a 260 to a 460 (EVGA 1GB EE) primarily to get DX11 support on Win7, which I’m pleased to have had since games I’ve played since then have utilized DX11. While I wouldn’t say there is a huge performance increase, it has given me more options than I had previously. I can play Witcher 2 on high settings with a Core i7 930 and 6GB RAM with that card, at 1920x1200, so it does a decent job for sure.

Tom’s Hardware’s Best Graphics Cards breakdown and hierarchy chart at the end is a good guide to get you started on where you should upgrade to to get a noticeable jump in performance.

I agree. I wouldn’t bother unless you were jumping to at least a 560ti.

Yeah, I think I’m going to hold off. Thanks for all the replies.