Advice/Suggestions for porting a cell phone number from one company to another

Hey kids, how y’all doin’? I’m writing this because I’m nervous about porting my number in a few months once my contract with Verizon runs out. I’m switching to Helio, and I’ve never ported a number before, so do y’all have any advice or suggestions as to how best to go about porting my number so I can keep it? Thanks!

Here’s a helpful post about that.

The information is about a year old, but should still apply.

I’ve ported my number from Verizon to T-Mobile and back again. The trick is to activate your new phone with the same number before deactivating your old one.

This looks very helpful. Thank you. Do you think they’ll charge me an early cancellation fee if I request the number be ported before the end date?

The cancellation fee is only on the early termination of a contract, usually. Right? Just make sure your service isn’t shut off before you port the number

I believe so, but porting the number – from what I’ve been reading – terminates the contract. So if I port my number on the 10th and my contract ends on the 12th, is that early termination?

So confused…