Afghanistan '11 Is Great Enough For Its Own Thread


It was there on release day and is there to this day. Guess you didn’t play it much! :)

Edit: “orders” meaning destination, at least, as well as the ability to execute those orders, selecting each unit you wish in whatever order you desire. Completely missing from Afghanistan '11. And completely necessary in a game about logistics. Refund in process. Strongly recommend against purchasing at this time – no one will be able to tolerate playing through the campaign with the game in its current state. (A literally accurate statement at this time, based on Steam achievement percentages…)

Edit 2: Forget “playing through the campaign” – zero percent of players on Steam have completed “Operation Achilles,” the fifth campaign mission. Or five skirmish missions.


Richard, it’s not at all a grognard game! On the contrary, in fact. Like Vietnam '65, this is doing something very different from the usual wargames. In fact, it sometimes feels like a Transport Tycoon game or city builder, especially with the new nationbuilding systems.



He’s talking about a unit’s path popping up when you mouse over it so you can see where it’s going. I’ve been playing a ton of Afghanistan '11 and I didn’t even notice it wasn’t in there! It doesn’t make the game “unplayable” at all – I have several hours that say otherwise – but it would be nice to have that to help get into the gameplay flow of moving your units around.



I mean, isn’t that already the case? The whole game you’ve got taliban raining down on you destroying things and placing IED’s. It’s only the villages (whom are presumably filled with normal civilians) which are helping you.


It starts to get difficult when you set up convoys though… You can’t see where each one is going easily and may have to reassign their commands. Actually, that’s the case with a lot of units. Also, does clicking them erase the previous command? It is a bit confusing.

I think the strategy part of the game is excellent, but it has a subpar and unfinished feeing interface and a lot of little nagging issues like the past orders one.


Agreed, Kyle.

While normally “unplayable” might be hyperbole, I think in this case it’s empirically evident. Just a statement of fact. 48 hours after release (and, what, a week after it became available to reviewers?), literally no players on Steam are playing it enough to complete 5 skirmishes or campaign missions. People can heap all the praise they want upon it – actions speak louder than words.


Also, not for nothing, but I popped into V65 last night to refresh my memory about A11’s missing features and… V65’s graphics are better. More easily readable and vivid.


Aside from a factual error (it’s been less than 24 hours since release as I write this), I hardly think that’s enough time to learn a new system and complete 5 scenarios (9 if you count the tutorials).

I can see this is going to be a polarizing game. So be it. But since when is quality always determined by popularity?


It’s been more than 48 hours, and the most diehard of fans haven’t done 5 scenarios! I’m not even talking about shlubs like me. I’m talking about gung-ho, HARDCORE AFGHANISTAN 11 PLAYERS! Why are none of them playing it? Heck, I guess I’m not a shlub. I’m among the elite 7.6% who have completed 3 scenarios (that would be 3 tutorial scenarios in my case, I suppose).

Quality is not always determined by popularity, but I would think that a great game would be played by somebody.


You’re right. For some reason I was thinking it was released yesterday. Doesn’t change my opinion, though


Is there a difference from skirmish and campaign games? The achievement is for 5 skirmish games if that makes a difference.

Anyway, it’s certainly playable because it has a “mostly positive” Steam rating. Some are complaining about bugs and the controls though. Most people seem to be enjoying it.


Just ran into a mission where I’ve crashed after every turn after turn 20 or so. A lot of time invested into a thing that I can’t get back… It’s a shame. I really hope they fix these sorts of things, as my time amount for a steam refund is now over…


Fortunately, there’s an achievement for 5 skirmishes, and ALSO an achievement for the fifth campaign mission! So while my opinion is that the game is bad, we can all agree that a fact is that no one is playing it. :)

Hmm, I wonder when someone, anyone, anywhere on earth (playing on Steam) will finish 5 skirmishes… or 5 campaign missions! This is such a great game, you guys! Go play it! :) :) :)

Prove me wrong by making an achievement tick up to 0.1%!!!


I played the first four all the way through when I was a beta tester. The fifth tutorial is currently being played by 3-5 million illegal voters.

Or do I have to drag out this meme?


There are more people playing than there are siding with you in this discussion


I am sure there are people who bought the game directly through Matrix or Slitherine’s site.


(I edited my post, b/c I’m not actually sure if the tutorials count toward an achievement. Sorry about that! I can’t be right about EVERYTHING all the time. And you’re right – there are 4 tutorials! I was wrong about two things!)

It’s weird how people who love this game keep posting and not playing this awesome game though.


I think it’s been scientifically proven you can’t catch people in the act of playing on a forum. You can see them posting though.

Since you are going through achievements, and seems to have a weird obsession about some conspiracy of people not playing the game but claiming they are (?), I can’t help but see there is one for achieving 10 US Victories that seems to have been ticked by quite a few chaps. It could be achievements are bugged - after all, Johan wasn’t even aware they were in on last week’s podcast! - or, look how brilliant I am as I jump back to my previous question about the game! that the end game after the US draws back is very difficult? Can anybody talk about that aspect, as it sounds very cool.

Edit: If nobody does, I’ll side with Tony though!


To be clear – I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT accusing anyone of lying. (And, for what its worth, no one here has claimed to complete 5 missions.) I just think it’s interesting that a game that has so many positive Steam reviews doesn’t seem to have many Steam players.

I do see that 0.1% of players have “10 US victories!” I’m not entirely sure what that means (what’s a non-US victory? And is a US victory a combat victory or a mission victory? And it DOES include tutorials, as I have 3 US victories and I’ve only played tutorials), but nice! I wonder how many players that works out to, and how many of them were beta testers…


I was a fan of Vietnam 65 and won a couple of campaigns at the highest level at which point the replayability pretty much vanished. I agree with justaguy not having a preview of your units moves would make the game very diffficult to play.

I think I’ll wait for more reviews on Afghanistan 11.


I don’t get where all the negativity is coming from. The UI is pretty much fine. The one thing it’s missing is a list of all your units. I played for 3.5 hours and I’ve only gotten to turn 20. At that rate, in order to win 10 games I would need to play for 120 hours and never lose.

I would have had some villages just not care if you brought them aid or built waterworks or whatever. Not everyone is going to be grateful. For those villages you would just have to get points by killing enemies to show them that fighting against you is useless.