Afghanistan '11 Is Great Enough For Its Own Thread


I can only assume someone made a complaint and they immediately took it off. That’s how these things work usually.

I’m unclear on what they mean, though. What’s a real entity? Is it past or present? So no more WWII games either? Were they already forbidden on the Apple store?


I am, no joke, seriously considering no more Apple after my current wave of devices obsoletes. Pending more information, obviously. But I don’t think Slitherine would lie about that.


F*** Apple.


From what I can tell, one problem is that Apple is totally inconsistent and utterly unpredictable. I am guessing their lawyers told them the cheapest way to avoid litigation was to routinely reject pretty much anything that might be controversial, rather than actually pay people to make informed decisions.

And I weaned myself off of Apple a long time ago, except for my ancient iPod.


Time for me to explore what a Galaxy brings me, and what a Surface can do for me…

Luckily I always did Amazon for tunes and films, and my iTunes investment is pitifully small.


I’ve hated Apple culture for years - everything from selling overpriced products built on the sweat of Chinese slave labor to the hipster chic of Apple stores and calling their tech support people the “Genius Bar” to the smug superiority of Mac fanatics.

Nice to see my prejudices vindicated.


Ditto. I converted because of my fiance (and later wife). But that deck has been restacked.


It’s tough, because if you wanted to list out reasons to hate google or Apple? It’s not super hard. The reality is that both suck, just in different ways.


True. I hate all censorship. Then start screwing with Historical Wargames/Wargames and
I will say adios.

Microsoft is looking good again.


This is some fucking bullshit right here.

I rarely get angry but having games treated as a lesser art form because of ignorance like this just pisses me right off.

And I am with @Navaronegun Apple has been in a nose dive for a couple of years now. I am done with them for future hardware.


I am not a fan of Johan’s work. But this is horsecrap. This is censorship. This is the hubris before the fall. This is the casual disposal of John Stuart Mill because “complaintz” (Dollarz) masked as “tolerance”. This is smugness killing Liberty as an afterthought. This is also personal (Grognard) . This is against everything I hold dear, Intellectually, Emotionally, Ideologically and Personally.


This was an interesting read, it turns out Tumblr decision to ban not only porn but any form of nudity was primarily a result of the Tumblr app being pulled from the iTunes app store.

Oh and I complete agree with the Apple hatred. Banning a wargame is just par for the course as far as I’m concerned .


Well, technically it’s not censorship as understood in law, as it’s not a government entity doing the restricting. It’s purely a business decision that, as you note, trades free expression for some form of financial or legal security as envisioned by Apple. I mean, yeah, you can say Apple is censoring things, but to me that’s not terribly informative, as businesses always choose which things to sell or feature and which things they eschew. Stores stock some merchandise, and not others, and rarely do we know why. In this case, we do know why, which is what makes it much more visible.

I generally draw a clear line between what a business does and what a government does. It does not make Apple’s decision any less idiotic and odious, but to me it’s just another example of what happens when people don’t actually read John Stuart Mill :). I doubt anyone at Apple has.


With respect Wombat, you can smoke a meechum pipe and quibble over semantics. I won’t. It’s censorship. Spades are spades.


Alas, the constitution offers you no protection from the wealthy(Apple), and that was by design- but this is a bit too P&R.


Communications platforms and marketplaces have and can receive government oversight. This can, and has included speech protections.

Having said that, I have made my decision. I have decided that Apple:

Is not the Grognard’s friend
Will not receive my commerce


Does the Apple store sell WWII games? Because I’m pretty sure Germany, Italy, and Japan are real places.



Maybe so, but if Apple doesn’t want to stock grog games, they won’t, regardless of the oversight. They’ll just change their tune.

Apple sucks, but Apple is a zillion dollar corporation.


Games have been known to be pulled, others got around by changing flags to fantasy ones (which may be why the Japanese or Chinese F2P genocidal crap you can find littering their stores is “okay”, I guess), others have escaped the fate.
Apple got weird issues, like forbidding spacebucks you can buy outside of their ecosystem. Some got around it somehow — some network like Line even manage to sell their own fake money outside the Apple ecosystem… but Apple do not allow their users to gift each others stuff using it, for whatever reason.
Frankly, none this makes much sense, which is reassuring as this is what I am expecting from any ill corporate environment.


I hear you (though I did give up pipe smoking some years ago, even if I do still have at least one cool meerschaum pipe). But I have to disagree here. Definitions are important. Censorship is when a government or other sovereign authority restricts free expression in specific, detrimental ways. When a company decides to limit what things can be sold or displayed or discussed on its own platforms, that is not censorship, it is (perhaps bad) business. If the business in question is a quasi-monopoly in a sector where its decisions become de facto limits on expression, you might have a case to argue that its decisions to limit expression are bad for society at large, but it still isn’t censorship. You can’t escape the government’s reach but you can avoid Apple.