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Unlike most ride reports, this one is full of really good stuff.

Me and Izi have started small adventure company this year. We have started too late and all people has asked us about 2010 ;)
This story begun when one journalist has called me and asked about Afganistan tour. - Have you been there? I have heard you intend to take people for Afganistan? Is this true?

Well, we have seen Afganistan and road to Wakhan from other bank of Pyanzh but we have not been there. No clients this year, why not take a little ride to Afghanistan just for fun?

Miro, our friend from Slovakia has joined us for the whole trip. Krystek and Kajman had no time and they were with us only 10 days…

We have put our bikes on the trailer and started in July with Kajman as a driver. I know - Ukraina and Russia can be exciting for you, but for us is boring as hell. We have crossed these countries several times and we prefered to drink beer after beer in the car than riding from sunrise to sunset by bike.

Anyway after 3 days and 3 nights of driving we reached Kazakhstan. We refused to pay insurace on the border (they asked 10 USD per bike!) and we stopped in Aktobe to do that. Bikes were unpacked and Kajman has started toward Uzbekistan. 2500 km ahead. Ok, we will catch you this afternoon or evening.
I knew there is another high pass before Dushanbe, i drove there in 2006 and it was really difficult. But chinese company has done tunnel and today it reduced 2,5 hr of painfull dusty riding. It was late evening when we reached tunnel entrance. It was closed. - Tunnel is full of water. Some construction mistake, it Will be open next week. You have to go up…
Bloody hell, I will remember this ride. My engine worked only between 3500 and 4000 rpm, my exhaust fell off and I was very loud. One headlight left. All these f***ng trucks made a clouds of dust… It was completely dark but I knew how high was on the left side… Poor Kajman with this bloody trailer…

We said “good bye” to Kajman and Krystek, took some spare parts from his nissan, tyres and 4x10 l canisters and begun our trip…


We usually slept under the sky. When we woke up next morning this man was sitten near us…

It was night when we choosen this place for camping

Mornig was fantastic…
In Kalaikhum we reached “famous” Pamir Highway.

The Pamir Highway is a road traversing the Pamir Mountains in Central Asia. Sources disagree on the termini of the highway, with Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan; Dushanbe, Tajikistan; and Khorog, Tajikistan all being offered as the beginning of the highway; however all sources agree that the Pamir Highway ends in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.
The Pamir Highway is designated as route M-41 over much of its length in Tajikistan, and is known as the second-highest altitude international highway in the world (4,655 m).

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