After the HD war

So I was working at my computer, listening to a podcast, just, you know, normal. And someone on the podcast said now that Warner Bros. is exclusively supporting Blu-Ray, the HD war is pretty much over. Suddenly, a very unfamiliar thought flashed through my mind: “maybe I should buy a PS3.”

It was weird, yeah, but I’m pretty sure it was my own thought, because I don’t ever get other people’s.

I had the same thought too. :\

If you want BC you better buy soon!

Very same thought here. Never thought it would happen.

Welcome to a few days ago, David. Enjoy the PS3.

The Look and Sound of Perfect: Blu-ray Disc.

First I had the PS3 thought. Then remembered I had heard “HD DVD is dead” announcements three times over the past year, so I can’t trust this one until it actually goes away or George Lucas makes his decision.

Now I’m just wondering why I had thoughts of buying a PS3. I’d be better off with a dual format player in the meantime, and Sony’s recent (I’m comparing this to ancient analog equipment here) track record for lifespan has not been very good.

If I wanted BC I would have had to buy about 5 months ago. Which is singlehandedly going to prevent me from buying for probably another year plus.

If you’re looking for an HD player, the PS3 is the thing to get. If you’re looking for a supplemental for your 360, the PS3 isn’t bad (though not really worth it in a lot of senses). If you want both, hey, there you are.

I’m pretty sure George Lucas is a Blu-ray guy. Considering his long standing technophilia and commitment to draconian DRM (he was a Divx backer in the day) I don’t know why he’d be anything else. As far as Star Wars goes, Fox is Blu-ray. Also: given Spielberg’s ardent support for Blu-ray (his movies were excepted from the Paramount/Dreamworks deal) I be they’re on the same page.

For anyone wondering, the fully backwards compatible PS3s are selling for at least as much as the current 80GB model w/MotorStorm in the box, and often more on eBay.

Those things are going to rare and collectible in a couple years.

Hey look, I get to play thread cop.

Yes, justification!

don’t forget you can easily upgrade the hd for $140~ (250gb wd passport drive at costco) so if you can still find 60gb lying around unsold anywhere, don’t hold out for the 80gb.

I don’t think there are any 20 or 60GB in stores anymore. Those are long gone. eBay is the only option there.

I just got a 40GB model today. The price is marginally reasonable for me as a hardcore guy. I can also write some of it off on my taxes. Blu-Ray movies are welcome, and my PS2 is still fine for PSX and PS2 games so I’ll just keep that slim one hooked up.

So yeah, backwards compatibility isn’t a big deal to me I guess.

Also, Sony’s biggest problem is clearly the games. When I got it today (birthday next Friday…), I had a really hard time deciding what game to get. There just isn’t much there worth getting, and the three or four that stand out (Uncharted, Ratchet, Resistance, Motorstorm) are kind of even on the scale of “Do I want to own that?”

Why hasn’t Resistance been discounted yet? Same with Motorstorm? Also, Warhawk’s still $60? Jeez.

I’ll get it hooked up later today. Kids have dominated the TV today after spending some of their Christmas money on games.

How much are you writing off for taxes and why?

Motorstorm is $25 bucks at

Resistance is $35.

Warhawk is $30 at the PSN store last I remember.

It pays to shop around a bit.

I’d be willing to part with my launch 60gb PS3 if backwards compability is that important to anyone.

I had given up all hope of getting a 60gb version for a reasonable price until Black Friday, when my sister saw one advertised for $350 and picked me up one for a variety of reasons. She lives 120ish miles away from me. I was shocked to get a call at like 9am Friday morning saying, “Hey, come outside, I have a present for you”. PS2 games are all that I have played on my PS3 so far.

Job related expense. Not sure if I’ll have enough at the end of the 2008 for the writeoff to matter, but we’ll see.

If you were a Ratchet fan on the PS2, you want Ratchet. It’s excellent. Your kids will love it. If you weren’t that much of a Ratchet fan, then you want Uncharted. It’s also excellent.

You won’t hear too many raves around here about either of those games but they are two of my favorite games of the year. They are both well worth owning (side note: Uncharted runs around 8 or 9 hours, if you considered renting).

Come down and play some board games and I’ll lend you Resistance. It got overshadowed by Gears last year but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t well worth playing.