Afterfall: InSanity - $1 , maybe?

So the developers are saying they will only charge $1 for the game if they get 10 million pre-orders.


Okay, so if they don’t get to the magic number they give all the money to a charity ( what charity? ) and customer’s pay normal price for the game and if they do get to the magic number then they give 10% of the 10,000,000 to charity?

Pretty clever. If you buy the game it makes sense for you to tell friends, or even buy extra copies in order to help them achieve the goal of X, because unless X is reaches you’re going to get charged more. The more people you tell the more likely it is that you just scored a game for $1.

Also if they succeed Epic is going to make a shitload off them ( They’re using UDK ).

The video specifically states that if they don’t get 10,000,000 pre-orders you’ll still be charged the full price, minus the $1 you’ve already paid. There’s no indication what this price actually is though. They do mention that they think $10 is a good deal, so I’d expect it to cost that or more more.

So, yea it’s a great deal if you can get your 9,999,999 friends to sign up with you.

Also, the price is actually $1.11, since that’s what they’re charging to generate a reg key and allow the game to be downloaded.

I don’t see any way they are going to get to 10 million. I threw them a buck though.

That is an interesting enough experiment that I threw them $5.35

My guess is they they won’t get to 10,000,000 because Paypal will screw them…

That’s about 212 thousand orders a day. No sweat!

14.168 people have already given them money, which means they’re only 400 thousand or so behind schedule.

They should buy ad space in WoW, maybe get one of the best swords in the game named after them or something.

That’s… not going to happen.

Minecraft is a major phenomenon that has sold 3,7 million copies. Sure, they were 10-15 $, but the word of mouth was huge, the game is brilliant, easy to understand, for the whole family…

How do they expect to find 10 million people interested in their bland looking “post-apocalyptic horror-genre game ?”. How many people are there on the market for such a game ?

Well, think about this angle bro: Fallout 3 moved 4.7 million units in its first week on the market, and it cost way more than a dollar.

Fallout 3 was by that little unknown dev Bethesda, not the famous AAA studio Neg games. The little guys from Bethseda also felt they had to support obscure machines like the 360 and PS3. I think there might be a difference there.

Okay, you’re right, post-apocalyptic is a popular genre, to the point it might be overdone. But I’m not sure a B PC only game in that genre has enough appeal to interest million of people, even with the “it might be 1$ if people believe in unicorns”.

That Afterfall game might be good, I don’t know, it just looks utterly generic, and that 1$ PR operation seems more like a desperate move bordering on a scam.

It’s an even better deal than that (for them)!

If we don’t succeed in reaching ten million pre-orders, ALL of the money collected from pre-orders will be donated to the charity and the Afterfall: InSanity will be sold at the price of $33.90$ (this price reflects a $1 discount)

Unless I am reading it wrong, it sounds like I’m gambling $34 on some miracle that is not likely to happen, particularly since they are currently listing just under 15,000 sales.

If they announced this 6 months ago with lower goal (2 million), they could suceed.

Like this, no chance. But interesting idea.

Yeah, 10 million preorders for an indie game I don’t think I’d heard of previously over a month and a half, with that preorder putting you on the hook for over $30 if they don’t get the 10 million? Not happening.

It makes for easy publicity, though!

I’ve been thinking, that they might reach their goal on steam, if they offer a tf2 hat…


I don’t think they really believe they’ll get there themselves. It’s just a sleazy way to ensure lots of $35 preorders.

Easy: Minecraft sells 3.7 million at $10 apiece, so Afterfall: InSanity should be able to sell 37 million at $1 apiece. It’s basic math, guy.

It also cost $50, so if anything the Afterfall people are undershooting. Really they should be expecting to sell around 235m units in their first week at $1.

This amused me.

If you go to their site, it prompts you [sic] “PLEASEENTER YOUR AGE.”

I entered “YOUR AGE.”

It sent me to the polish language page for Google.

Exactly my thoughts.
They know they will never reach 10 million and just want to scam people into buying a $35 game.

A Raven developer promised to refund everyone’s money entirely for their purchase if Wolfenstein outsold Madden. Not a chance it would happen, just a means of getting some free press attention.