Afterfall: InSanity - $1 , maybe?

I’ll wait 6 months until it’s $5 on Steam Sale, then save myself $25 over the $1 price.

Wow, given the general venom around here directed towards the EA’s and Ubi’s of the world for their marketing, regional pricing, DRM, DLC and general capitalist strategies, there’s a startling lack of support for someone trying something different.

Sure, 10 million is looking like an impossible target given the time-frame and this may be nothing more than a marketing ploy, but so what? Read their FAQ, I’m not locked in to a pre-order in any way shape or form. If this does not happen, they can’t force me to pay normal price for their game. I can forget about it and walk away - the only thing it will have cost me was a minimal donation to charity. Big friggin’ deal.

But you know what? What if this is supported and they get to 10 million? I get a game for a ridiculous price, a small indie developer makes a buck, some money gets donated to charity and maybe, just maybe, some of the AAA publishers notice it and begin to realise they have alternative business strategies.

Next time any of you whine about being nickel and dimed for day 1 DLC, I may just have to gently remind you that you shunned an opportunity for an alternative.

Of course, this could also be a very elaborate Russian phishing scam and I might be funding the next big global cyber attack…

Can you quote that part? Because reading the page I don’t actually find any mention of what happens to your preorder when they fail to reach 10 million except that the price will be $35 then.

Ok, ok, it’s not explicitly stated on that particular page, but watch the video from 1:50:

or here:

If they hit 10 million:
You get the game, 10% of revenue is donated to charity, 90% to the developer. Yay!

If they don’t hit 10 million:
100% of revenue is donated to charity. Quote - “You will still be able to get Afterfall: Insanity for the normal price ($35), of course discounted by the original $1”.

Note it says will still be able to, not you must purchase. If I don’t want to pay the full $35 for their game, I don’t have to.

Besides that, the pre-order method is via Paypal. It’s not like they could force me to pay anything further, even if they wanted to.

This’ll be hilarious when they get 50,000 “preorders” (thinking generously here) and then ~1000 purchases.

No way in hell would I pay $35 for whatever Quake 3 mod (or whatever it is) they’re selling.

As I see it, if you’re going to do some huge publicity stunt, be able to back it up. Coming out of nowhere with this indie badass attitude isn’t endearing; if anything, it’s offensive.

Also, where the fuck is 10 million coming from? The best I can guess is that they said one million at first and then said, well, what if it actually hit one million? We’d get nothing! Better multiply it by 10 so we get our money; there’s no way it’ll hit 10 million. The hilarious part being, of course, that there was a moment when they actually thought a million was underestimating the popularity of their game.

Under the terms of the arrangement, if they hit the preorder figure they get 90% of the money earned and donate 10%. So if that figure were a million, they’d get $900k. Which would still be doing pretty damn good, I’d think, in context.

I find that hilarious and a little offensive myself. As someone who is mid-way through making a FPS I would slay a bag of kittens to make a million on my first title. If I hit a million I could bring my business plan forward by a few years and actually hire other people to help with the next set of titles. Hell, in the next couple of days I’ll ( most likely ) be selling my car to fund development for the next 3 months. It’s a nice idea but they really should have gone for a lower number than 10 million.

Considering the current pre-order numbers, even after this bit of publicity, they’re lucky if they reach over 1% of the goal.

Also, they don’t say which charities the money will go to.

I hear that money goes for amnesty international but think WHO will better well not my decisions if that’s true $1 can go for good options.
I’ll try we see what happens

Amnesty International? That hack organisation? Whatever. (shelves this for P&R).

OK, dear.

Amnesty International is charity organization I think. And Afterfall InSanity looks pretty good. I’m think, that paying only 1$ for this game is nice deal, because it’s rarely occasion.