Afternoon at the movies - Ballistic Ecks vs Sever

Almost 2hrs worth of rubbish. OK, I like Antonio and Lucy, but this movie just reeked. Its got nice explosions though.

Wait for the DVD


say wha???


You can get the same experience of this movie by sitting down and watching someone play SOF II for a couple of hours.

The new LA Times critic, Mangolia Dargholis or something like that, approved of the movie as decent ‘blow shit up’ fare.

She’s pretty high falutin’, too, which means she’s not just recounting plots and then talking out of her ass, like most mainstream critics. I really like her reviews, so even if Derek gave it a one out of ten, I might just sneak into a showing of Ecks vs. Sever after seeing, you know, a real movie.


Not to plagarize another thread, but: holding strong at zero. Though I realize the tomato meter isn’t always accurate…maybe the majority of the reviewers almost recommended it.

As soon as I get some time away from work, I know what I’m seeing.

Michael Chiklis? I hope he wins the emmy tomarrow.

My friends and I got a good laugh when we saw the directors name…KAOS!!!

It’s a lot easier to remember that than “Wych Kaosayananda”

I assumed at first that Kaos was a pseudonym because the director was so embarrassed at the crap he had to deal with, but later realized that is just a cute nickname he uses; I bet he’s proud of the movie.

This is in fact one of the stupidest action movies I’ve ever seen, and in a genre where brain-dead is the norm, that is saying a lot.

What I don’t understand about this kind of movie is why the plots never make even a little sense. Any 8-year old who reads comic books can come up with a more sensible plot that still has the same fight scenes, chase scenes, explosions, etc.

I’m not talking about the inherent implausibility of action movie premises by the way. It would be nice if the premise was plausible, but it’s a minor problem that they are not.

What I’m talking about is the way, once you assume the premise, that nothing in these movies still makes any sense. This has been standard in action and sci-fi movies for years now (including the recent Star Wars movies, which are just totally irrational) and I just never stop being surprised at how the screenwriters are completely unable to make events in the film connect up with even superficial logic.

Just about any superhero comic book, no matter how silly and implausible, is infinitely more consistent and logically sensible in plot than almost any action movie.

Just watched this godawful movie. One thing I did appreciate, though, is that they made zero attempt to hide the fact that it’s shot in Vancouver (or justify it, but whatever). Lots of wide shots of the harbour, the mountains, the sea wall etc, close-ups of train cars with BC Rail on them.


Well done.