Age III: The WarChiefs: The New and Improved World

Those guys at Ensemble are such Indian givers!

You know, I never got my portugal city to level 10, I want those Ronin damn it.

Damn you Tom, for giving this a good review.

Has there been any new patches to the original lately? The last time I checked the game was at 1.04 or .05 I think.

Stupid question here about your review.

You seem ton indicate many of the changes adds to the gameplay by making the core game different and fun. In fact even removing or nullifying some elements. Does this mean for someone who has the main game (and never played), they will be missing some of the original gameplay mechanics (and fun?) if they install the add-on before exploring the original?

BTW, nice review as always.

What’s up with all these reviews on 1Up that are also appearing in the premiere issue of Games for Windows: …The Official… Magazine. Sorry, had to catch my breath.

Has 1Up always undermined the print mag’s articles or is this some sort of initial publicity blitz?

Mono, I have no idea what’s up with 1up scooping the GFW reviews. Weird, but I’m happy to be able to link to my reviews. Maybe one of the GFW guys will chime in here.

Not at all. Just go straight to the expanded Age III. There’s no point playing vanilla unless you just don’t want to spend the money.

Actually, both this and Dark Crusade for Dawn of War are both absolutely superlative expansions. I can’t recommend them enough.


We also sped up leveling in the War Chiefs (and that went live in a patch for classic Age 3 a month or so ago). Definitely makes it less painful to get a HC up through the midlevels of the game.

Our internal copies should be arriving before long and I look forward to mixing it up some online (and getting crushed utterly)…

So do you think enough has changed that people who got tired of Aoe3 , that warchiefs is interesting enough to bring people back to playing it?

edit: How does the trade monopoly and revolution work?

If you’re a Best Buy reward zone member you can technically get it for $19.99 (you get a $10 Best Buy gift card). Pretty nice deal if you buy any games there.

Warchiefs does a lot to make the game more interesting.

If you and your allies have control of a minimum number of trading posts, you can spend resources to activate the “trade monopoly” countdown. If you drop below the minimum while the timer is going, you have start over.

Revolution can happen if you reach Age IV. You spend 1000 of each resource and then your society goes all military. You can no longer do any economic stuff at all. Everyone is a soldier.


Nifty. What happens when you run out of money? And how does that work with the Dutch banks?

Well I picked it up, before I reinstall everything I have one question. Did they ever put the attack move function back into the game?

They did, but with a wacky non-standard hotkey, IIRC.

Attack move is Z, for “Attack (Z)e enemy”.

I’m pretty sure Dutch banks still get their gold after a revolution. The only thing a revolution does to your economy is convert all your villagers to colonial militia and shut down your home city cards.


I’m up for any matches, but I’m probably horribly rusty at the game.

Does anyone know where I can find patch notes for 1.08? I checked ensemble’s site and the page has been taken down.

While not helpful before you install, you can find the patch notes for all the patches are in the path.rtf file in you Age3 folder. The latest verions of base Age 3 is 1.09, and I copied the 1.08 and 1.09 sections below for convenience.

Patch 1.09 – Home City Experience Changes


  • After each game players will now be granted bonus experience, meaning all Home Cities will now level up faster
  • Players on your pest list will not be able to join your game if you are the host
  • The experience requirement to level up Home Cities that are level 100 or higher has decreased
  • New avatars available on ESO


  • The Russian card Ransack no longer effects teammates


  • When right clicking a player on ESO, whisper will now be the top item on the list of options

Patch 1.08 – Balance changes, Quick Search and bug fixes


  • Quick Search now allows players to determine the Home City tier and Power Rating level of their opponents
  • Power Ratings will now decay over time


  • Numerous changes to Civilizations’ special bonuses
  • Numerous balance changes
  • Fixed an exploit that would refund the Home City shipment after sending mercenaries
  • Changed a line of dialogue from the Campaign which was found to be derogatory
  • Changing teams on ESO will now unready all players
  • When a player clicks to delete a Home City, the default will now be No


  • Fixed an issue where Quick Search was not matching people using Power Rating
  • Added separators to very large numbers to make them more readable
  • Clan page on ESO now properly displays the last online date for clan members

As for a list of balance changes from 1.08, you can find them in this forum post.

Thanks, I heard that 1.08 changed alot of the gameplay around, and wanted to see what they did. I’m thinking about deleting my 2 high home cities and starting over so I can get myself back into the aoe gameplay. (lvl 24 dutch, lvl 19 ottoman).

Ug, I forgot how build order centric aoe 3 is. The warchief guys make explorers look like a bunch of jokes as one took a guardian army to kill my settlers. I still like ottomans, but not dutch anymore. The aztecs look good since I’m not a fan of calvary

The Aztec are a lot of fun. The special techs they get for their buildings mean that you can amass a huge army quite quickly. Some of their infantry have decent speed, too, so you won’t miss cavalry all that much, until you find yourself facing artillery.

Their big problem is trying to distinguish one group of infantry from another, but that affects your enemy as much as it does you. From Allen Rausch’s Gamespy review:

(hint: The Jaguars are the 10 units you just killed, the Skull Knight is the unit that is currently chopping half your army to pieces).