Age of Bi-polarity

I love you. I hate you. Come here, I’m sorry. What is your frickin’ problem? I didn’t mean it, really, come here. Why can’t you be more like Warlords Battlecry or even Act of War? No, I want to be with you, I really do, let’s spend the afternoon together.

That’s the confused tone of my relationship with Age of Empires III, a deeply disappointing and deeply fulfilling RTS from a developer who seems just as confused about it as I am. Read my Computer Gaming World review here. And then come gab about it here and/or here.

And then come play on ESO while I kvetch and moan about how good it is, all the while playing until 4 in the morning to finally get my Ottoman city up to level 25 because I’m simultaneously hooked and frustrated at why it isn’t better. I can’t stand this game and I’m going to keep playing it just to be sure.


Level 25? Really?

Don’t you have a day job?


Nice read on, I’ll save everyone the trouble and tell you Tom gave it 3/5 stars. Which in my mind speaks above average but not “excellent.” I think I’ll pass and become addicted to Civ4 instead.

This is his day job. He moonlights on television!


Looks like there is a need for a Tom Chick photo.

This is his day job. He moonlights on television!


I know, but, like Tom’s mom, I kind of hope that all of this is just a phase he is going through.


Oh, btw, I expect some royalties.

as neat as it sounds… your “against” post does more to deter me from considering it then the review, other people’s comments, and your “for” post… I think I’ll pass on this and get majorly sucked in to Civ 4.

Why does everyone think Civ 4 will be magical. Seriously. Civ III was a disaster out of the box! It took two years for them to have someone else make it right!


Because Civ III was an anomaly in terms of the quality of Firaxis games? I mean, I might as well ask you why you think it’s going to suck, when Firaxis has only done one game–ever–that wasn’t awesome, out of the box.

I’m not making any predictions, but some of the features sound interesting, and given Firaxis track record I’d say that a repeat of Civ III seems unlikely.

How quickly you forget SimGolf, another Sid game that was half-baked on release and in fact garnered middling reviews because of it.

Pirates! was better, but even that game hasn’t set the world on fire. The Xbox port is not so hot either.


For some reason I enjoyed Sim golf, it was fun making golf courses impossibly difficult for everyone :) Then again I don’t think I bought it on day one so I wouldn’t know about it’s problems. Pirates was good, but it just needs more stuff to be great.

I forgot neither of those games. SimGolf was a lot better than you give it credit for. I enjoyed it quite a bit despite the fact that I don’t really like golf, and while it wasn’t without some bugs, they were all pretty minor. And you must be thinking of some other game WRT reviews–Sim Golf did not get “middling” scores. CGW gave it 5 stars, Gamespot gave it an 8.8, Gamespy gave it an 80.

Pirates! was an awesome game–one of my favorite games of last year. I didn’t play the Xbox version, but then again, I don’t plan on playing the Xbox version of Civ IV, either. ;)

I haven’t seen or heard of many negitives on Civ 4 thus far.

Though I don’t think Civ III was even close to being a disaster–shouldn’t we reserve that term for the games that refuse to work, not ones where some groups of people think the balance was off?–Civ 4 is magical.

Civ III wasn’t a disaster, Play the World was the disaster.

Conquests was a really great add-on to a really great game.

Somebody submit that one of him making out with Kathy Griffin.

True to an extent but Civ3 right out of the box was a major major disappointment. Conquests while good, perhaps even great in many minds (not mine though) to me was too little too late. There were user made mods that did a better job I think.

I hope Civ4 is great but I’m not going to get suckered into spending $50 bucks right off the bat and have to wait for patches for months again. I remember the first day I got Civ3, I was editing unit values and also trying to make custom scenarios only to find out that the editor wouldn’t allow you to place specific civilizations in specific spots. Thus I was playing the Chinese that started out in Africa.

Gawd, imagine the fusion restaurants in those cities…

Civ 4 is magical.

Good news, but how do we know?