Age of Conan non-beta discussion

Let the discussion continue :) I just don’t see a way for me to get the client downloaded in time, as I mentioned in the other thread. I’m now trying the ausgames servers to see if the client will download faster. I’ve read of people getting 5mb throughput, but certainly not me.

Does it say anything about the state of the game that it took about 5 minutes for that web page to load?

Regardless of how many people are jumping in right at the start, we should pick an official QT3 server (no matter whether we end up making a QT3 guild or joining others) just so we can potentially play with each other. My thoughts on the matter:

  1. PvE server. I know some people just need to have PvP server, but I think they’re in the minority, there’s plenty of opportunity for large-scale PvP on PvE servers in the game, and PvP servers are supposedly a camping gankfest right now (as in - spawn, die, respawn, die, repeat).

  2. “Set” will probably be the most popular US server, mostly from the recognizably of the name and the popular Set-worshiping characters. Let’s pick something less likely to have queue times and the like.

I’d like to throw “Zug” out there as my suggestion. No particular reason, except that it makes me think “Zug zug!” which gives me happy warcraft orc feelings. :P

Anu… for no particular reasons.

I would pick Thog.

Soapyfrog and idrisz, you guys fail at consensus building. Zug sounds fine to me, and the PvP servers definitely look like a bust at this point.

Consensus… isn’t that where you go with my suggestion? ;)

Thog was the half-orc Barbarian in OOTS… C’mon! Can’t get geekier than that!

All Hail Thog!!

I picked anu because my roommate and some of his friends who’s also in the industry is going to that server.

Zug! But any one is fine, as long as it’s not Set or a PVP server.

You heard it first, anu is the industry insiders server!

I would like to play with Qt3 people but you guys criticize my grammar!!! damn Nazis…

I didn’t mean to critique your grammar, just to lampoon ‘industry insider’ mentality.

I have no particular problem with Anu. I mean, I don’t get to say “ZUG ZUG!” but eh, no big whup. Do we have any idea of the time zones these servers are located in?

Lorini - maybe a poll?

must network even in games, who knows when will I need to look for a new job :)

I like zug too. It’ll probably be filled with WoW crossover types, but I think it’ll still be better than Set.

Up! Everybody choose ;)

EDIT: I can’t believe it, I forgot zug! How do I edit the poll?! Help!

For the moment, just use the Shit bonerz option for Zug, and don’t vote in the poll if you aren’t going to play, thanks and deepest apologies (this is so embarrassing!)

I sense Zug will be the winner…

And my diabolical plan worked! :)

Wanderers are starting to get recruits from GT/OO/QT3, the offer is still open to join with us. Server is still being decided on. It will be a Standard server. Also it would be nice if other guilds of people from these forums co-ordinated to go on the same server so we can leave the possibility open for forming alliances during the Siege part of the game.