Age of Conan tops sales charts despite being unreleased?

So, according to Destructoid, Funcom’s Age of Con: Hyborian Adventures topped the sales charts in March, despite the fact that the game isn’t out until May. Given such an impressive feat, I’ve tried to track down the source of this story, but so far have had no luck. This story from seems to be the one everyone is picking up, but they cite X-Play as the source. Well, the link to the March 21st episode they provide doesn’t seem to mention Age of Conan, nor do other recent episodes, so I’m a bit at a loss to determine if this story is true or not.


Clearly we’ve underestimated the importance of the time-traveling-gamers demographic.

What, you guys aren’t playing yet?

Levels up Rangulf the Whorechaser

Is that the unreleased PC version or the unreleased 360 version?

Oh, I think that x-play thing they are quoting from is some little blurb they do about the ‘top selling {type of game here}’ sponsored by {who ever paid em this time}. Not quite something I’d personally put any stock in, as I think it only reflects sales from gamestop or ebgames. Also xplay clearly made fun of the fact of how many people were pre ordering it to put it for the pc at the top.

I remember the episode - the source was It was just for that week that they were reporting it though, not the month.

Bestselling game in March despite not being released and despite March not being over yet. Yeah right.

They may be selling some preorders though, the collector’s edition is currently on Amazon’s bestseller list.

So in AoC, I can use my horse to attack a guy, two hooves to the face! And also perform a ‘ride-by’ decapitation (see the latest dev diary video)!

I’m not one for the leveling treadmills anymore, but if I can decapitate people from horseback - I will do that all. day. long.

You gotta be level 80 to get the decapitate skill so start grinding.

Ok I just made that up but I don’t think decapitations are as common as those videos make it out to be.

But are the horses anatomically correct? I mean if the women are going to have nipples…


Time to mount my horse!

Zoiks! Now we know for sure that PC-gaming is d0med since its number one best-seller sold exactly zero units.

Years back, CGW published a photo cold-busting some games retailer for placing DAIKATANA in their “PC Top 10” section before the game even had an SKU for them to stock.

Since there were no game boxes to actually rack, DAIKATANA’s spot was occupied by a placeholder sign reading “Sorry, Temporarily Sold Out!” or some such.

Sold out, indeed.

Isn’t Wrath of the Lich King scheduled for release around the same time as Age of Conan? And isn’t EA unleashing its magnificent hype-o-tron for Warhammer Online around may?

Unless Funcom can whip up a gazillion-dollar advertising campaign, fix their combat system and whip up some awareness outside of the young hardcore demographic who thinks tits are cool, they’re going to have problems. Depends on what kind of subscription numbers they’re looking for, though. If they’re looking to carve their own niche with a couple of hundred thousand users, or maybe under a hundred thousand users, then that’s cool. But I got the impression their ambitions were set much higher. How can they realistically hope to challenge such an entrenched market with an excluding aesthetic and a low-profile IP?

On the other hand, they’re keeping Anarchy Online alive, probably for market research and maintenance testing (and because they’ve likely consolidated their servers into a rack that costs next to nothing to keep alive). Maybe AoC will be one of those rare MMOs that actually work out of the box, with no servers getting trampled and raped on the day of release? Because that’s the only way I can see them gain a foothold: A silky-smooth launch with all the promised content in place. And considering Funcom’s track record, that seems a tad unlikely.

This seems like a pretty big demographic to me! :-)

Surely we all want to hear the lamentations of their Sys Admins as their servers are driven before us on launch day?

amazingly, the tough editorial standards of have failed yet again.

Going on a limp here and probably optimistic to the bone, could it be possible that these sales are based on some kind of very-very-very-early pre-ordering of a burning legion of undead over-hyped fans? Maybe…just…maybe? No? Okay.