Age of Empires, 2, and 3 coming in new Definitive Editions

I installed it and it only has the one icon. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of way to choose anything else.

Click it in steam, and it gives you a dialog box with choices between the base game and the 2 expansions.

Did you actually try clicking the game’s name to start the game, to get the dialog box that asks you which you want to play?

I click on the icon and it just loads the game, there is nothing asking me about what game I want to play.

I do not have anything like that pop up for me. In steam, its just showing its installed with no options to install specific things that I can find.

On my desktop, I just have an icon for the complete edition and when I run it, it just has the basic game. There is nothing for other options.

I uninstalled the game, and am re-installing it. I didn’t see any extra options that way either.

It doesn’t ask you for any options on install.

When you click the game in your library to start it, it pops up the popup in the image shown.

It most certainly doesnt for me. It just runs the game, no options.

Guess you got the broken copy then. Try posting on the Steam forums to see if anyone else has the same issue.

Try right-click on the game in your library and selecting “Play”. That’s how I launch Grim Dawn 64-bit. If I just run it from shortcuts or from the right-click on the steam icon from my system tray, it just runs the regular 32-bit version and doesn’t give me multiple options.

Clicking on the play from my library gives me the options. I guess Ill have to do it that way. for this game.

Yes. That is what we have been telling you to do for about 5 or 6 posts now.

Maybe you should’ve drilled some holes in the monitor or asked the game for some chocolate chips.

You just posted a picture of some launcher options. You never said how to get those options. You never said anything about using my steam library to launch the game that way opposed to clicking on an icon which is how every other game is run from steam.

I think it’s likely that the majority of people only ever launch their steam games through the steam library.

I think it’s surprising to learn that you don’t usually launch the games through steam and that you did everything else, except what was thought to be common practice first.

Really? Most people do it that way? I have always used desktop icons. I have a little section on my desktop reserved for games. I would have never thought the normal way to launch steam games is via the steam library launcher.


First of all, that image clearly shows the Steam library background. But just in case that wasn’t clear, I told you explicitly how to get there:

So what’s that now?

The desktop icon hasn’t be in vogue since the Steam Library was around. Its page dedicated to the majority of your games, all in order, that you can sort or search. It tells you if the game is up to date, whether there were any patches and whether there are any announcements.

Its one of the reasons that having multiple ‘platforms’ is kind of a bear to handle. Very few people bother with the clutter of desktop app icons anymore.

In any case, I’m glad you were able to launch AoE 3.

I’ve always launched my games by right clicking on the steam icon in the system tray and selecting them there. Or right clicking on the Playnite Icon and selecting them there.

Grim Dawn is the only exception because there’s no way to get that steam menu that gives you launch choices without launching it from the steam library page. I certainly didn’t know launching games from the library was any different than launching them from the icon trays until someone told me. I think that’s a reasonable assumption to safely make, even if me and DeepT turned out to be wrong in making it.

I still primarily use desktop icons. It saves a few clicks and with Fences it’s faster/easier for me to organize than the Steam library is.

Developers have the option in steam to set different launch parameters which is what brings up the menu under discussion.

However, the shortcut created by Steam defaults to the first launch option. So you need to create your own shortcut manually (though this requires knowledge of what’s happening behind the scenes…) In this case, just edit your shortcut to point to age3x.exe or age3y.exe instead of age3.exe