Age of Empires, 2, and 3 coming in new Definitive Editions

@legowarrior are you watching any of the King of the Desert 3 matches? Some good games today in the semi-finals.

Sadly, I haven’t kept up. Been so wrapped up in Dominions and Spellforce 3 and life that I haven’t had a chance to watch it. I should though.

It should turn up in T90s YouTube channel at some point. I will probably grab spellforce during the holiday sale.

I will probably watch then. With my work being almost entirely Online lectures, it’s hard to find time to watch something like that in the background.

It is impossible to keep up these days. I am working my way through Hidden Cup 3 at the moment, and still need to watch Battle for Africa, and the Red Bull events. Then there is ASL and GSL for Brood War and SC2.

Starting Age 3 DE through the Xbox app seems broken (something about Microsoft Package Dependency Installer hits, and then it fails and says No License Found) - it only seems to launch through the windows shortcut menu. Also, wow, it takes about 1-2 minutes after launching for anything to appear, no login screen or load box, just blank desktop.

All the DE games have been slow to start. I’ll pay attention next time I fire it up in Steam and see how long it takes there.

I didn’t have any issues. Try to update all apps in the Microsoft Store and Windows Update to make sure you have the latest versions of everything maybe? It can be troublesome for some games sometimes for certain people. For me the trouble game was Night Call, which I could never get to work.

On the other hand, I didn’t try it after it patched up yesterday. Is this is a recent development? Maybe they broke something in yesterday’s patch?

If I hit esc when the various screens pop up for the developers and the intro cinematic I get to the main screen in about 30 seconds.

No, it’s something about when i restart my computer. It seems to take 1-3 hours for the computer to “settle” or whatever and let me log in.

Always love it when Spirit of the Law digs deep into a topic, in this case farm placement.

Glad to see they are still cranking out weekly patches, and hotfixes when required, so far for AoE3:DE. Obviously be nice if some of the fixes weren’t needed in the first place but if there are going to be problems it is at least nice to see them get fixed promptly. Plus there have been other improvements involved as well with most of them, like balance adjustments for stuff that was egregiously overpowered.

Also, feels like there is almost an Age of Empires 2 tournament of some kind at least every two weeks currently. Pro matches galore, and trying to keep up with it all is a task in and of itself.

Family is out of the house today while the ac unit is being replaced, so watching more of the Hidden Cup 3 matches on the new oled 55". Much better than sitting at my desk.

More for fun talk: what are your favorite Civ and unit combinations?

Japanese Horse Archers with Halbs. Basically when I play Japanese I seem to “carry” my team and if we don’t win we hold out 3v4 for a long time before the inevitable end. Halbs are even decent against lower tier barracks units and not fully upgraded melee infantry. And I can always add Samurai if the situation deems it necessary. Japan does lack the late game Cav options and are only just ok with their Light Cav in big fights, and I’ll still build them to have a place to dump food, but they are suboptimal.

Aztecs w/Vietnamese ally. Kind of super skirms, good enough to shoot down all but the heaviest units. (I hate meso civs in general though).

Elite Janisarries got a 15% buff to accuracy? Perhaps it is time to change my favourite Gunpowder civilization. Throw a +1 bonus to pierce armour on top for the Scout->Light Cavalry->Hussar cavalry line and the Turks looks rather tasty to try out.

Been enjoying the Portuguese with their new additional “All technologies are researched 30% faster” bonus. Doesn’t effect the time it takes to Age Up at all, but it does mean power spikes from upgrades kick in that bit sooner during matches to provide an elongated window of opportunity. Plus less TC downtime when you research Loom and such too. Viper approves too…

25k in game today, plus another 10k in HD, however many over at voobly, plus probably 10k or so watching the World Cup 2v2 games. AoE2 is doing well.

Time zones, with the recent changes in Daylight Savings around the globe, can make the 2v2 World Cup a bit annoying to try and catch for me sometimes. So I’ll be glad when the finals roll around and T90 starts uploading everything to Youtube. Understand breaking the VoDs up into Highlights on Twitch takes some time but if I’m not watching live I can down without the hassle of forwarding through the breaks and stuff.

Been some good games on show though.

I think i may have my fill of random pick up multiplayer Age 2 games. Age is fun enough that even imbalanced games that you’ve long since lost at the 10 minute mark are fun to play out anyway if you can make it a fighting slog for the opponent… but, in the end, pre-losing because you have 1 or 2 weak players gets pretty old, as is the problem with competitive RTS games. I might just stick to AI skirmish for the near future. I mean, the AI is pretty tough, and if i don’t cheese it, Hardest or Impossible AI will pretty easily beat me if i let it get too big too fast, so i have something like a lifetime’s worth of AI skirmish left still.

So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999