Age of Empires, 2, and 3 coming in new Definitive Editions

We have been freed

Youtube or Twitch?

Twitch. Hidden Cup 4 finals today

Just saw the whole thing on youtube these last few days. Those were some beastly games! I wish the Franks had contested the game a little longer on Mud though, during the Finals.

New DLC coming for AoE2. “Dawn of the Dukes” Eastern European campaign and civs. Also, co-op historical battles coming as a free update.

“United States” civ coming to AoE3. Available to unlock for free for a limited time by doing some kind of “50 States” challenge, (whatever that is) or you can buy it as DLC. African civs DLC also coming.

The Quaker Gun looks fun.

Looks like the devs are trying out a solution, at least for the new faction!

AussieDrongo went in depth on all the cards and states. They have a cool mechanic, where each state gives you 2 free cards.
Also, there is the immigration cards.

What is odd is how the United States Revolution still exists. So, certain European Nations can still become the US, even with the US being a civilization.

Yes, it seems very cool to me as it gives a completely different age mechanic than the other factions.

It’s almost Age of Mythology like, which is objective the best version of Age game

Every time Age of Mythology gets mentioned I keep wishing for an Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition. Still my favourite game in the ‘Age of’ series and it would be nice to see it get the same level of support that the other games are getting currently. Heck, even AoE:DE got an update recently for crying out loud and it’s not like AoM:EE is free of bad bugs.

There has been a rumor of a AoM 2 in works.

Any details?

Adam Isgreen has mentioned a desire to do something with the IP a number of times, so hopefully they will end up doing something with it.

So, it looks like they will be dropping Ranked Death Match. It doesn’t seem to get a lot of play.

They are replacing it with Ranked Empire Wars. As someone that really dislikes the Dark Age of Age of Empires 2, and Boar Luring, it’s a system that I liked to see more of. I’m sure it sucks for people invested in Ranked Death Match though.

I’m sure the DM folks will be excited. I wonder why they can’t just keep it, and add ranked EW as an additional option. I think there was a DM tournament just the other week that top players were taking part in.

Something about player base being even more divided.

Honestly, I don’t know how many Ranked Sets the community can support.

The DM people have always been off doing their own thing though, so I’m not sure it would change anything. I doubt they will give up playing DM.

The game mode will always be available.

Okay, this is cool.