Age of Empires II HD Coming to Steam

It looks like the Beta is free on Windows Game Pass. 1 dollar for one month, 4.99 for 3 months. That could tie me over until the game comes out.

That is tempting.

And in my haste, I misread it. The beta version of the app is out now, and will include Age of Empires 2. In November.


I wish this would come to Xbox.

I’m pretty sure with the DE version of AOE2, they’ve basically rebuilt the game, including making the AI smarter.

The “HD” release was just a fresh coat of paint.

HD was more than fresh paint.

It updated AI, and expanded unit selection / pathfinding to accommodate larger pop size options.

I tried Age of Empires Definitive Edition last night via GamePass.

I can tell that the game is a big graphical improvement over the original. And yet, it still doesn’t look as good as the original Age of Empire looks in my head. I don’t know if that makes sense. At the time of its release in 1997 I thought it was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen.

You can play the original through the game if you would like.

It sounds like somehow they’ve messed up some things with the version for Steam.

People were complaining about AVG. That caused it to crash.

I was just uninstall AVG.

The MS Store version was telling me I need to install a new version, but I dont see what it is talking about.

Edit: I was able to find the new MS Store version, so I’ll have to download it this weekend. They were doing a decent job of fixing it up this past year, so hopefully they didn’t make a mess of things again.


11ish minutes of Age of Empires II Definitive Edition gameplay.

Age of Empires DE is awesome but the game itself is just too old. The pathfinding and the group selection (no aggregating) makes playing it very very annoying. I think this makes the skirmish game quite rough, but the campaigns are still decent enough.

If you think of it on par with something like Minesweeper or Sudoku it’s fine enough. It is certainly pretty to watch.

Just going to leave this interview here that talks about 2d performance in AoE2:DE:

60GB?? Damn.

I can’t remember, are the campaigns in AoE 2 better than AoE 1? I tried one fairly recently and didn’t like the couple campaign games I played. I think it was herding a small group of units around the map.

What an odd mission.

The Joan of arc campaign has you do that in the 1st or 2nd mission I think.

What, fight the Aztec and the Japanese as the Byzantine?
With Battle Elephants?

Ah, I thought I was replying to rob.

I haven’t watched the games on video. I figure it is the same thing they had people play at e3

It will be interesting to see if the only community this matters to, i.e. everyone that plays on Voobly, takes to this.