Age of Empires II HD Coming to Steam

Did you enjoy the beta?

I barely got to play it. It was MP only when I got it. I did watch a few games as a spectator.

Yeah, I didn’t do much beyond spectate for most of the beta due to some performance issues that seem to have been sorted out in the last month.

Looking at the forums and the videos, I think its safe assume that the 4 new nations will probably be overpowered at the start, and slowly nerfed as people get more comfortable with them.

It looks really good, but I wish they could have made the Imperial Camel a common upgrade, and give the Indian nation the Battle Elephants.

I need to see if t90 or anyone else has an empire wars video.

The overviews are not as good as Spirit of the Law, but still fun.

And here we see the Real-Time Strategy genre consuming itself…

Somewhat joking, yet at the same time why would I ever need a new conventional RTS game when I can have a modernised AoE2:DE, and it comes with better AI to boot. If EA can manage to knock the C&C remasters out of the park then honestly the remastered AoEs, C&Cs and Starcraft will have my needs for those styles of RTS games pretty satisfied. Outside of the desire for a new\different setting (window dressing in a sense) new RTS games are definitely going to have to come at me with some good unique selling points to earn a sale.

C&C remasters are not that easy cause 75% of their success came from live-action cutscene charm and story. Those games are not deep strategy games with meta evolving for decades.

Plus remasters are not a no-brainer. Look at Heroes of Might & Magic 3 remaster - I’m pretty sure most players still play the original version with HD mod.

For mainstream appeal maybe, but the whole reason a bunch of the C&C games even still have active communities around them is primarily because of skirmish and multiplayer. Some people enjoy C&C’s brand of tank rushes and such, not quite my cup of tea personally but even Red Alert (1) still has a dedicated (if smaller) multiplayer community. You do also get the odd good quality mod, but no where near on the same scale of volume as what even just the AoE2 community managed to with create custom scenarios and the like.

And the quality of the Remaster is why I stated “if EA can knock the C&C remasters out of the park”. The biggest reason people play original Heroes of Might & Magic 3 with the HD mod over the Ubisoft remaster is because the remaster doesn’t come with the expansions, there are probably some other issues I have forgotten about but honestly not having the expansions included in the HoMM3 remaster killed it day one for a lot of people.

Guess it kind of testifies to the strength of AoE2 though that one of the biggest conventional RTS releases of not just this year but maybe also recent years could be a Remaster. Just as long as Microsoft don’t bungle the performance and netcode aspects, but hey they didn’t stop HD finding a consistent community of upto 13-14k daily players despite the technical issues it has had at times.

No one would make a remaster for a small hardcore community. Chances are, this very community will hate anything you do, just like you still have people playing original Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology.

Even releases that look successful are probably not successful enough. Rise of Nations had an OK rerelease and SteamSpy says it has 500.000-1.000.000 sales which is probably great, especially with it being a glorified patch. It wasn’t enough for Microsoft to consider doing a remaster for the sequel, Rise of Legends, which too doesn’t require much more than some patching. But maybe they’re waiting on it cause they aren’t releasing it on any platform even though it would look fine even without any patching.

So their ways are inconcievable. Corporations may just produce Duck Tales Remastered no one asks for, they might do a second remaster of Age of Empires 2 but they might hold on to some property for unclear reasons.

You think that might be related to the fact Rise of Legends originally sold 2\3 less copies than Rise of Nations, so the core audience for a remaster is smaller than what existed for Rise of Nations, at all? So of course Microsoft is more hesitant to take a financial gamble with giving it the same treatment as RoN, there is a greater risk that they won’t break even or make a profit on the project. Re-releasing Rise of Legends will bring in some new sales but you’re relying on the strength of the core fanbase (active and dormant) and nostalgia to be able to formulate a projection for guaranteed sales.

Command & Conquer has a sizable “hardcore” fanbase once you factor in past and present players, I’m not an active Dawn of War player but I would still be a hardcore Dawn of War fan. EA don’t have to bother with all the community engagement they have been doing with the C&C community to see what they want out of the in-development C&C + RA remaster in terms of what to keep the same, what to update in terms of Quality of Life features, and everything else they have been soliciting feedback on. They could just go for a quick cashgrab, yet they obviously see some financially motivated sense in making sure the product is well received by the majority of the core fanbase. EA obviously hope to capture sales outside that segment of the market as well, but that is where they can guarantee a lot of sales from if the product is worth it.

The only game were you can convert horses to your religion.

Glitterhoof says ‘hi’.

That seems like an insane unique unit. Super efficient.

Last chance to get a coupon for -25% sale from me. You can effectively get the same deal if you already have AoE2HD and get a bundle with DE.

“Sign in to Xbox Live to publish mods”


Sometimes the game stops and tells me to log back into Xbox Live to continue playing if I lose connectivity for a few seconds.

There’s a lot to like here but it feels heavier than HD; I think there’s a chance the community splits over it. I’m glad - and amazed - how well the game has held up.

Since the game is available on both Steam and the Windows Store, they use a separate system for the mods.

This is actually a great thing because it means that in time, the game can be sold on a bunch of separate stores, such as GOG or Epic. You don’t need to be tied to Steam, if you don’t want to be.

Ok, making a font mod ASAP.

So, campaign wise, where should I jump in to this thing? I played a fair bit of AoE 2 back in the day, but I don’t think I played the expansions.