Age of Empires II rises from the dead

Title Age of Empires II rises from the dead
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When April 9, 2013

Microsoft's unlikely high-definition remaster of Age of Kings II is available today on Steam. It's an interesting historical relic, but some genres stand the test of time better than others. I'm not sure I'd ever choose to play this over more recent RTSs..

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It's been quite a few years since I played AOE2, but yeah, villagers should autocollect after building a drop site. Farms are queued at Mills. The patrol command can be used as an attack-move command.

I also do recall there is a SHIFT queue, but it works differently than in more modern RTSs, as I recall. IIRC, you shift queue what you want to do, then you have to release SHIFT and click your last action without the key held down.

I have to admit I would be all over the HD remake of Rise of Nations. Anyone?

Yes, it does include AoC as well. The basis for the remastering was the full Gold Pack.

Egad, I don't think I ever would have figured out that's how to shift-queue. I'll give it a shot. And if villagers are supposed to autocollect after building a drop-off site, I'm probably messing that up by trying to shift-queue them. At any rate, know that you have to give the last order without holding down shift will help.

As for the farms being queued up in a mill, that doesn't actually build them, does it? It seems to me the farmers still need you to select them and right-click a depleted plot. I'll have another look at that.

As much as I love Rise of Nations, I'm not sure it needs it. My copy runs just fine as is. :) But it is being rereleased on Steam, I believe, so w00t!

I'll wait for them to release Age of Mythology.

It has been years since I played this game but I remember being able to queue farms in a mill and they would replant themselves.
I just read Nathan's post below, he confirms.

I really want to buy this, but I know I'll only play an hour or two then put it down again. The last time I tried to play I remember thinking it hadn't aged well.

I agree with much of what you wrote, but a lot of what made AOE II great was the custom game modes that people built. They made the game a lot more fast paced and really exemplified the games fighting mechanics over the civ building.

Just play on higher resources start if the beginning is too slow for you.