Age of Empires III demo soon

According to this:

This is shamelessly stolen from the TeamXbox Forums which, admittedly, I was browsing.

According to the thread, and rampant speculation, it’s going to have some hefty system reqs. The same guy talking about the demo release indicated that only current gen vid cards supported all the bells and whistles (7800, etc.), and that you’d want at least 2GB of RAM for the same. Who knows how scalable the engine is, though?

Hopefully, this shows up in the next few days.

I had heard opposite in interviews. They were saying it would scale like HL2 did for folks with older systems.

I’ve heard the same thing; from what I thought I read somewhere, they stated that a machine that ran Age of Mythology well would run this title well.

I’m assuming that there are just plenty of layers for graphical niceties. For one thing, I know they’re putting HDR lighting in, and they specifically stated that only newer (6800 or newer) vid cards supported that. I’m guessing that they’re building a game engine that’ll support some sequels, still looking nice and sweet.

It will almost certainly be very scalable. ALL Ensemble games have been made that way. No reason for that to change now.


2 gig of ram? sons of bitches. I thought I was jack the biscuit with my 1.5gigs. dang.
I’m looking forward to this one. Whats the chances of it being an easy 375MB download, as opposed to a “SuperGamePremiumWank Plus members only” kind of thing? Anyone know who’se going to host it?

The BT Network will. One way or another.

Cool, hopefully it will not be to long until we can get it. Big Huge guys (I know you read this board), when is your demo going to be out?

doesn’t Ensemble make the ags of empires games? Big Huge games is Renyolds studio responsible for Rise of Nations

Yes, but I think DeepT knows that. He just wants to know when the RoL demo will be out.

My guess is December or January.


Something saddens me about buying a new computer that I previously thought had more than enough RAM for any game, which now apparently has just enough to run all the features.

Correct. That and the Spore demo, but I think that is going to be a good long while. Maybe that demo will be out by christmass 2006.

It’s funny. People were telling me that I didn’t need 2 gigs of ram when I bought my computer a year ago. I wouldn’t need that much ram for at least a few years, they said. I knew the need would come sooner than they think.

No shit on that. I think its time for me to get some more ram.

Though 2GB is nice, one likely unoptimized demo does not a need for more RAM make. Few games require 512MB today. They’re not going to make the leap to 2GB for quite a while.

Well You can get another gig for 100 bucks which isnt bad. Its time to upgrade the virtual peepee.

From the link at the top, it sounds like the demo is actually part of the final product (shipping as another disc or something?), so I’m guessing it’s in the same final state as the code.

From the link at the top, it sounds like the demo is actually part of the final product (shipping as another disc or something?), so I’m guessing it’s in the same final state as the code.[/quote]

I’d assume the need for 2 gigs is for the very highest settings like DOOM 3’s Ultra mode that needed 512MB vid cards. I’m sure they have made it so the game will run well on systems with less RAM as I’d bet only a few percent of gamers as a whole have that much ram on their system.

Yeah, the graphics are definitely scalable based on your HW. If you have a serious top of the line machine (including a shader model 3 card like the 6800) the graphics are pretty amazing, IMO. But if you have a more normal system you will still get a very good looking game. I’m not sure what the technical low end is but I’m pretty sure only the very low end specs from AOM are now unsupported (like 128 megs of main system ram and very old video cards). You have more options for customizing the resource usage of the game on a specific basis (shader level, poly detail, reflections, etc.) than in our previous games.

I’m really looking forward to hearing what people think about the demo. I’m not on that project personally but we’re a small studio so I’m quite familiar with the game.

Not on that project? So they have other projects? What other sugar-coated treats are in the works?

We demand infoz of the l33t kind.