Age of Empires IV

I’ll be in my room

Well, I guess @tomchick and I have something new to play

Wow, does this have any hope of exceeding the pinnacle of the series, Age of Empires Online???

Sorry I can’t view the trailer right now. Any news in there? This is huge! I didn’t think we’d see a revival of this franchise until RTS had been shown to be financially viable again.

Who is the developer?

Hah, Windows 10 only perhaps? Guess I won’t be playing it for a while.

Seriously, it was that good?

Though, I hope it turns out better than DoW 3 did since apparently Relic is at the helm?

That announce trailer shows relic and Microsoft

Oh fuck no. Sorry, that was said with an enormous amount of sarcasm and a side of dripping venom. Age of Empires Online was an abomination. :)

Here’s Tom’s review.

Relic being in charge is not confidence-building. A few years ago, I would’ve been jazzed by the announcement of Relic handling Age of Empires. Now? Not so much.

But hey, they know how to integrate loot drops into an RTS, so there’s that.

Oh, okay, whew. I was like, “It was good and I missed it?! I heard it was terrible!”

Wait, Relic is in charge of this? Shit.

I was just complaining in the DOW3 thread that for me, all the Relic franchises have regressed with each iteration. On the plus side, there’s no conceivable way to regress from Age of Empires Online, right? Right???

Maybe they can bring in some other people to lead design, and couple that up with the engineering folks Relic has.

Loot boxes.

At least with AoE Online, everything was spelled out and the unlocks were openly stated.

god damnit you guys i thought this was age of wonders 4 for like 70 seconds of confusing trailer and i was so excited


I kind of liked AOE Online surprisingly, but I think I played after they stripped out alot of the unit grind.

No faith in RTS these days though.

You owe me a new keyboard. Or monitor. Or both. ;)

I’m apprehensive but excited. Day one if this isn’t another AoE Online microtransaction fiesta.

I wanted to like it. Surprisingly, for a game called “Age of Empires Online”, the co-op/multiplayer was beyond abysmal. I remember there were these maps where you’d start with a fully upgraded city (or near that), all your buildings, walls, etc and have to survive an onslaught for a duration. Unfortunately, your coop partner was just given 5 villages and a berry patch right in the path of the marauding barbarians. That was fun. That and grinding for archers were pretty much the highlights of the game for me!

I can’t imagine AOE4 making the same mistakes, though. I don’t have much confidence in Relic, but I would be shocked if it was anywhere near as bad as AOEO.