Age of Mythology or Rise of Nations?

I’m really interested in trying one of these out, haven’t really played an RTS since Frozen Throne(LOVED IT), but after watching a preview of AoE3, I want a new RTS to play NOW.

Mythologies might cater towards my tastes, I really loved the more visceral approach to combat that Warcraft 3 delivered, casting screen-swirling spells and buffing/healing troops in the thick of a major assault wihout much regard to diplomacy strategems was a real hoot. The campaign had this high adventure puzzle-y element that helped guarantee each mission brought a new twist to the formula.

Titans has…Titans, I’m hard pressed not to give that a look just for the scale of destruction at my fingertips. Rise of Nations consistently received higher honors from people like yourselves though. I do worry that in either case, I will get bogged down in micro-ing, more on the civil affairs than the conquesting. (I’d rather not have to keep clicking fishing boats when I could be chucking fireballs…know what I mean?)

Multiplayer likely isn’t happening, so my focus will be on the campaign (Which is why I have ruled out Warhammer unfortunately). I guess with both ‘GOLD’ packages going for budget prices, I could opt to snag both, but realistically I won’t be playing them simultaneously. There can be only 1…for now.

RoN. Best classic RTS (by “classic” I mean not fancy 3D ala Ground Control or Dawn of War) out there as far as I’m concerned.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these choices as they are both great games. From your description, it sounds like AoM is right up your alley but given their current prices, I’d say pick up both. That’s what I did.

I do not buy many RTSes, but did get both of these. I usually prefer the mythological beast and magic route as well. Both games are really good, but I liked RoN’s gameplay and mechanics more.

RoN has a lot of economic stuff in it - far more than War3, so if you don’t like that aspect of RTS, maybe you’ll be better off with Mythologies. That said, RoN is an amazing game, so pick it up too if you get the chance.

RoN introduces a whole bunch of new RTS mechanics that have not existed before such as terrirorial controll, attrition damage, capturing a city opposed to razing it, etc…

AoM is a very nice game with the cool fantasy stuff in it. If you liked the AoE series, you will definitly like this.

So if you want the next level of RTS game play, go with RoN. If you want more of the same with cool mytholgical units and big powers, then AoM is the right choice.

I think RoN is a better game, but AoM is more fun, if that makes sense to you.

I want an RTS that is unashamedly about micromanaging your economy, rather than your tactics.

It would be something like railroad tycoon + guns (or the settlers + steampunk). You would have slowly-moving front lines, that don’t need much attention but do need an endless stream of supplies. You have to build up your own military-industrial complex to get things to the front, while taking the other guy’s apart with air-raids, submarines and the odd ground offensive (if you have the logistics for it).

What always worries me about an RTS is that while I’m making the BIG econ decisions with the SPQR, the AI or opponent is massing some tank rush up my flank.

Granted I am very out of the loop when it comes to this genre, and I did enjoy the emphasis on action in WC3 which negated the more dynamic strategems older fodder like AoE2 delivered. I just hate the brain fart associated with ‘rushing’ my populace, mouse-clicking, and heavy decision-making just to survive the earlygame blitzkrieg.

RoN seems like the clear winner, but I’ll prob just buy both afterall.

Indeed they are both games.

I would definitely recommend both but if I had to choose I’d say Rise of Nations.

As others have said, both games a great.

AOM really shines in multiplayer though. If you don’t plan on playing MP, go with RON instead. I still fire RON up from time to time to take on the computer.

Indeed they are both games.

I would definitely recommend both but if I had to choose I’d say Rise of Nations.[/quote]

That’s what I get for posting so early in the morning. :)

This like asking me to choose between children, but I’d go with RoN. I think that AoM does a lot of creative stuff and is truly a brilliant game, but I think that I have had more variety in outcomes in my RoN games.

Plus the naval game can really matter in RoN.


Since you’re only going single player, the obvious choice is Rise of Nations. The Thrones and Patroits expansion makes the campaign one of the best single player RTSs experiences you can get.


Well I got both, thanks for the help everyone.

Also Tom, did you ever have a Tom Vs. Bruce article done for AoM? Would it be archived online anywhere perhaps? I thoroughly enjoyed the Battlecry 3, RoN, and I think…recent Starcraft ones in the print mags. Would love to actually re-read a few of them as they are very entertaining/informative primers and I’d be thrilled if they can be found online anywhere. has them. Read the Combat Mission one. It really captures the MP game perfectly.


Wow, awesome link, Troy! I never knew about that site.

But, yeah, BDGE, we did an AoM article when the Titans expansion came out. We also did the original as well, but I don’t know if it’s online anywhere.


Am I right that Age of Mythology, unlike Rise of Nations, doesn’t have a way to slow down the game speed?

Correct. AoM runs at one speed only. :(


There are console commands in AOM to adjust the game speed, but I think we might have disabled them for ship, I don’t recall. You can give orders while paused but some things in the UI don’t update until you unpause, one of those polish features that just fell off the schedule.

If you just want to play the game faster, you can try Lightning mode, which is basically the same basic game except all the economic parts run about 10x faster.