Age of Mythology: Retold - Prostagma again!

We’ve got our first peak at the visuals for Age of Mythology: Retold after the Steam Store page went live during Friday’s ‘Age of’ related event\show\stream. Based on the store page it looks like we should get everything from the original Age of Mythology and The Titans expansion pack recreated in Retold, with the Extended Edition’s much maligned Chinese pantheon (DLC) so far absent from promotional material.

It annoys me that I will have to Suffer though Atlantis to play the game.

But at least there will be a recharge mechanic for God Powers now.

The water in that 2nd pic looks like the AoE3 engine to me. I’m looking forward to trying the game out.

My understanding is that Age of Empires 3 was created using a version of the same engine of Age of Mythology.

And because of the similarities, they were able to run Age of Mythology Retold on the Age of Empires 3 DE engine.

RPS’s article said they’d be including the Chinese. Which given that they’re significantly reworking the game isn’t necessarily a problem. From what I can tell the problems with that expansion were bugs, bugs, bugs, wonky balance and an uninspired campaign, all of which could be addressed in a remake. Not so much the fundamental idea.

So excited for this. Thanks for the screenshots

Looks great when they zoom you in. I wonder how much of an impact those avatar’s are. I’m hoping for lower micro and less rushing. Expansion in particular if it is like AoM1 in regards to settlements.

That was a fantastic trailer, when it originally came out, I avoided most trailers since I always assumed I’d play it eventually. So I was really surprised last night when I watched the Xbox showcase and saw all these god powers and giant creatures stomping around. Wow! Looks fantastic. It kind of reminds me of Supreme Commander with all the super weapons at the end.

In this PC Gamer article I read that:

At least in this aspect it’s more micro, not less. I hate micro.