Age of Wonders 3


Nice intro Scott. Thanks.

Is there any way to see the entire research “tree”?

Edit - After further reading I see that it’s somewhat random so I guess there is no tree like in some other 4X games.


Sort of, but there are these, at least (made by Twibbles at


Very helpful thanks. I meant to ask if there is a tree showing what spells are available for unlocking in each category; strategic, combat, etc. Apparently there is some randomness in each new game so one tree probably doesn’t exist.


Yeah, the best you can hope for is a list of all spells per school. It’s more fun to be surprised though. :)


@Ironsight the aow 3 wiki is a great resource for exactly that kind of thing.


Thanks for the link. I’ll probably just play and learn about the spells as I go along. It’s too much to grasp all at one time anyway.


Very cool. Thanks for the tips/tutorials/offers of assistance. If/when I decide to jump back in, they may help smooth out the transition.


Thanks to all you jokers, I got the full edition thing and done in last night. Even though you warned me, I started the tutorial (the elf rogue lady) because there was a glowing button that told me to because I was new. Played through the first scenario and it was fine.

What should I do now? Continue? One-off game–what settings?


I would play a few of them to get a better feel. However, once the scripted bullshit starts, bail if you are getting frustrated.


I would say don’t even bother with the campaign. Think of this as a game of Civ. Did you ever bother with the scenarios in Civilization? Of course you didn’t!

Just set up a game with relatively easy AI opponents so you can get a better feel for the mechanics and an appreciation for whichever side you’re playing. As you learn the game, ramp up the difficulty with more and tougher opponents in later games, as you would with any 4X.



I can understand people not liking the first 2 campaigns(base game) but number 3 was good and number 4 was excellent.

However if you do just want to see the game systems and units then stick on lord AI and start playing around.

You have 63 starting combinations of race and class, then add in specializations, then factor in random map options and 3 victory conditions, and you have alot to do!


For starting a game, you just choose a random map as you would for any game of this ilk. I recommend keeping the AI quite low since it can be devilishly difficult. ’

When playing a random scenario the very different mechanics of the game give it an entirely different feel from something like Civilization. The closest thing in Civ is playing as the Mongols. AoW3 is not a builder or a civilization manager. It is a wargame wrapped in a 4x cloak. Your entire goal is generally to fight from the opening bell. All additional cities and resources are solely there to increase your military prowess. So just focus on building the biggest, strongest army you can and go crack some skulls.


I suggest opting out of the subterranean level initially and choosing a small or medium size world. Setting up a game with four AI, one of them your allies, was a fun way to get into the game for me.


Started one as a human warlord, figuring it would be the most straightforward. Brinhilda is a goody two shoes–i forget exactly what, I think creation adept, peace something, and expansionist–but generally doesn’t know what she’s doing. Didn’t get a scout until turn 15 or so, died once or twice, missed a hero recruitment, etc. She signed peace treaties with the three others (Lord difficulty) so we’ll see how that goes. She’s purchased, er, befriended several cities including a nearby goblin one that’s rather smelly, and a one-stoplight town of cheery dwarves that’s way out in the boonies (hopefully she can hold on to it).

Anyone have any general tips for her?


A good frills free approach would be to mass Cavalry. Human Cavalry upgrade to Knight when they get elite medals, which is nice, and Knights are just awesome regardless.

Human Warbreeds are incredible because they can swim. Research death march and your stack of Warbreeds gets double the movement points on the strategic map (meaning incredbile strategic mobility) and heals to full every strategic turn (and 20% per combat turn).

2 or 3 stacks of those allow you to pretty much pick and choose where to strike, and once you are on the offensive, the AI typically will try and defend.

What are your opponents?


Just a small patch today to fix a Windows 10 issue.

We just put a patch live that should resolve the issue with mod tools crashing when trying to open files.


Really annoyed that the sale on Steam this week has some much deeper discounts on the expansions (especially when combined with buying the original game) than I’ve seen on just the expansions alone on GoG where I own the base game. Come on GoG! Your Canadian pricing sucks in comparison to Steam.


To be fair, their American pricing ALSO often sucks when compared to Steam.


$12.50 for the whole collection…now thats what i call a sale


The Paradox Effect is now in full swing.