Age of Wonders 3


It would bother me more but A) we don’t have anything else to talk about in this thread so far and B) whatever gets announced will get its own thread which hopefully will be focused on talking about it.

(though yes, this discussion should probably move elsewhere at this point)


In an attempt to rerail the thread, what would you guys want in another expansion, or an Age of Wonders 4?

be as vague or specific as you like.

For me, not an exhaustive or detailed list:

  1. More races, with more assymetry, including some “wild” races, e.g. Draconians with no cavalry or machines etc, including a race that does not use cities, shadow Demons fits the bill here easily.

  2. Expanded adjacent hex rule with a reinforcement radius (so armies outside the immediate vicinity can reinforce a battle if they have mp, but will arrive tired, disordered etc.)

  3. Combat that doesn’t stop other players movement, or at least lets players queue up city improvements etc whilst a fight is going on.

  4. Scale-able mechanics, especially combat, so if you start with 6 unit stacks, this can be upgraded to 8, 10 and then 12 by the end of the match (so you can move more troops with the same number of clicks. Combine with point 2 for battles that get organically bigger as the game goes on.)

  5. Some sort of anti city spam incentive, and, related to this, an option to have fixed city sizes in the map settings, so you can specify that your random map, with for example 8 players, will have a total of 8 metropolises, evenly spread out. Alternatively, some sort of governship mechanic/resource which is used to upgrade cities, or failing that making cities extremely expensive to upgrade (like 2000 gold and 1000 mana in the current normal game economy,) so that metropolises etc are naturally few and far between.

  6. Linked to that, higher tier units linked to city size. A natural effect of this will be markedly less “spam” of any single unit.

  7. Unique resources, that not every race will need, e.g. mithril that only Dwarves can mine.

Point 6 and 7 are intended to create conflict spots on the map, areas of high interest that are worth fighting over.

  1. A magical magic system, with spells and counterspells galore, and the possibility for players specializing as magic users to become seriously powerful, with drawbacks ofcourse.

Which brings me to:

  1. Keep the class dynamic, it rocks, but vary it a bit, so that some race/class combinations don’t work (e.g. the fey as a race shouldn’t be able to be Dreadnoughts!)

9.a. Add Warlocks as a class.


This one is very desirable. My guess is that an AoW4 wouldn’t have more races than AoW3 does, but I’d like another AoW3 expansion.

I’m one of the few who prefer smaller battles, so I would like this rule to replace the current rule where all adjacent units get pulled in. That way the units can participate, but the battle size stays small.

I wouldn’t mind the ability to upgrade to 8 as long as my version of your rule 2 went into effect :-)


I would like uhhhhhh what you posted LOL.


I very much agree with a lot of @BloodyBattleBrain ideas but I don’t want larger/longer battles as the game goes on. Maybe if high end units take additional slots in a stack?


Age of Wonders wishlist:

Ability to choose the summons I get from spellcasting. I believe a mod on Steamworkshop has fixed that, but all the same.

Better developed underground. I’ll admit that area would normally be disabled or completely ignored in my games.

Expanded races. Basically what you were saying @BloodyBattleBrain about the asymmetry.

Better city development. AoW3 with expansion really shined in terms of specialising cities for certain unit production. I’d like to see an option to adjust the landscape better around the city.


I’d love a lot more maps, especially ones the AI can play on for MP games.


@Scott_Lufkin I should explain what I meant a bit more clearly.

Basically, when the game starts, fights with 6 unit armies are fine, and it’s quite challenging to get 3 stacks together and face off against another 3 or 4, and usually that will win/lose your first war. In other words, that first big battle is fairly decisive.

if you win you take over the first opponent.

After this however, the number of units in play goes up, but you are still controlling armies of 6.

By the time you hit your 6th and 7th opponents, you can easily be fighting, using 4 stacks against 3, or vice versa, several battles in a turn and making barely a dent in the enemy, especially if they are an Emperor. (and a warlord or dread…!)

You might need to fight 6 battles a turn for 10 turns before you get to the throne and actually win.

And this is against a backdrop of you knowing you can’t actually lose these fights, unless you mess up, because by that point you are well tuned into how the AI works.

What i am proposing is that the late® game tedium gets rolled into fewer, larger and more decisive battles.

As for high end units taking up more slots, that’s one way of doing it.

Another is a command rating like in Dominions.

Another is map dependent limiting factors on recruitment, which i favour personally as it incentives fighting over the map. In this category I mean things like cities limited in size, and size being important in recruiting higher end units.

Ditto special resources for units. Special armour for certain T4 units etc.

Item 10 of wishlist:

a (totally?) revamped city siege mechanic.


I didn’t want larger battles either. I mean, I’d be OK if it went from 6 to 8, but I don’t even like when other stacks get pulled in. That’s why I liked his reinforcement idea. If they entered as units died, I’d be cool with that.

What you said would be good though. If slots increased, but higher tier units took up more slots to keep the number of units about the same I’d good with that - as long as the number of low tier units didn’t become too many.


I thought Triumph had stated that this wasn’t going to be Age of Wonders 4. Is everyone just speculating what AOW4 would look like for fun, or am I mistaken?


@ kevinC, Sikbok has been gorging himself on the tears and frustrations of the online fans.

Such a troll.

He’s been very deliberately dropping half hints of suspicions of other hints that people have read what they want to read into it.

There’s one guy on steam who is absolutely convinced it is Aow4, several others seem certain it’s an expansion pack.

I think it’s neither, but that a fair few mechanics will transition over. I think it’ll be a new IP, something like TWarhammer, but less silly.


I thought I remembered a tweet a long while back saying it wasn’t AOW4, but it was a TBS game that fans of AOW would enjoy. But maybe it was a fever dream. :)


They said AOW fans would enjoy it. I don’t remember them saying it’s nott AOW though.



j/k - I’m fairly sure it will be good.


Yeah, 18v18 or 18v24 battles in the endgame get t-e-d-i-o-u-s. I’d rather have a larger stack size (8?), no supporting stacks in combat, and with multi-stage sieges – like, you don’t pull in additional stacks into city defense, but if you have the center hex defended as well as adjacent hexes, the adjacent hex defenders fight first with some variation on the city’s defenses, maybe weaker walls or some such but still with auto-ranged attacks to get some attrition in there.


I am definitely down to not have to keep a few stacks together in the late game when they move. But I do like the adjacency rule, too, so I’m a little conflicted.


One of the best things about AOW MP is the ability to actually join in someone else’s battle, even if it takes some work to get them in there.

I don’t mind changes as long as they don’t lose that.


I find this interesting (thanks @BloodyBattleBrain for making me look at Steam forums).


Here is what I think is worth asking. Is there actually a reason they can’t deny it? I doubt it. So why not deny it? Because I agree with the majority - it’s Age of Wonders 4. I could be wrong, but since I really hope I am not, I’m going with AoW4 built with a 64-bit engine and looking as sexy as it plays.


I remember that too, thought it was posted here somewhere.


Outside of NDA/confidentiality, maybe it’s just safer saying ‘no comment’ if they want it to be a surprise? Most places do that.

I mean once you deny that it’s AoW4 people are no longer going to be expecting that. People like yourself will not be as surprised when they release a new sci-fi game instead. ;)

All we know for sure is that it’s a turn based strategy game that will appeal to AoW fans. And they said something about merging multiple prototypes and tech together for it, which seems to hint at a new system.

That said, you’d think it was kind of smart to capitalize on the good name they built with AoW3! Whichever way it goes I’m pretty keen to see what they’ve got.