Age of Wonders 3


Hah, you know it buddy. I love AoW. AoW sci-fi? SOLD.



I’m guessing the planetfall is the Archons or Syrons.

Not sure I believe this or not.

On the one hand, seems a radical departure from the AoW formula.

On the other hand, I heard a similar rumour a long time ago. We’ll i’ll be at the expo when it is revealed.


On one hand, I’m still excited to see whatever Triumph makes. On the other hand, boo to leaving fantasy!


I just hope it’s not all grimdark. That would be a big bummer for me.


OK, now that changes things. What a cool idea.



I want to go!!!




Historic low on the collection you guys.


Over at the official forums someone was speculating the new game would be akin to Empire of the Fading Suns.

That sounds pretty cool.

We’ll find out soon enough.




well thanks to the joys of on-board Wi-Fi I’m now going to read more about EotFS.

And maybe brainstorm a more memey name for such a game.


Did you never play it?


It was released in 1998.

We got our first computer in 1999 and I started playing games then.

Pharaoh demo

My academic work ethos suffered that year.

That’s also when Eminem blew up.

I was 14.

tldr: EoFS was before my time.


1996 actually.


You sir, are today’s MVP. I was just urging my brother to pick this up so we could do a PBEM game.


Happy to spread the love.


What is up with GOG’s pricing on this? Deluxe edition plus expansions almost $30 Aussie dollars with 50% discounts on the expansions and 75% on the deluxe editions…this is more than twice the price at say WinGameStore.


There’s also "You get free Wallet funds (our Fair Price Package) to offset the regional pricing. ", but it’s usually too much clicking and too much math for me, despite how much better it is (to me) to have a non-steam copy.


Oh really? I didn’t know that.

I have to say Steam’s pricing for New Zealand is pretty damn generous…even with games listed at the same US dollar price as Steam on other sites, the NZ converted price on Steam is almost always cheaper.