Age of Wonders 3

Thanks Scott, I bookmarked it and will watch tomorrow at work. As for bandwidth, I think the game was only ~4gb in size? Installation was over super quick in any case.

My final bit of advice is the DLC - it’s on sale, looks like, and if you watch my dumb little video and think this looks like a game you’d want to put time into, the expansions are incredible, just adding more content to the game from new classes, units, races, events, all sorts of stuff. No reason not to have it all from the jump of your first game, imo.

Yes, the expansions are both excellent and if you spend any time at all with the game they are well worthwhile.

Just another voice in the chorus praising AOW3. One of the finest turn based strategy games of all time.

I have 2500 hrs in this game.

And now it is free!

Get it!

Any questions ask!

I didn’t even know they sold this still without DLC. I got the gold edition a long time ago. Thumbs up for the expansions too!

Funny (or not funny), but I actually bought AOW3 twice, once on GOG then again on Steam with all the DLC. And I couldn’t get into it. I tried, I really did. It just wouldn’t grab me for some unfathomable reason. So yay for offering it for free!

I love the Civ and early HoMM games. I’m hoping Planetfall will be different and I may still give AOW3 a try again. By all accounts, AOW3 should have been right up my alley.

I am in the same boat, @Equisilus. I should love AOW3, as it has a lot of elements I really enjoy, but it’s never hooked me. I’ve started five or six games and the campaign, but I’m still at 29 hours total played. Maybe that’s not enough time to get hooked?

I still plan to buy the new Planetfall game next month, though.

I’m one of the folks that bounced straight off the campaign for this one. If I hadn’t circled back and tried a random map campaign I would of dropped this really fine game never knowing what I’d missed.

Here’s a suggestion if it’s not worked for you up to this point. Fire up a random campaign, load it with 5 AI’s, then set it to teams and make it so you and one AI are on a team faced off against 2 other AI teams. The rest of the parameters about map size and what not you can set to personal tastes (I wouldn’t however turn on the underground on this play thru as that effectively doubles the map size and bogs things down a bit from a gameplay perspective). Then have at it.

Play the majority of the tactical battles yourself, that’s a large part of what makes this one fun. Of course If the tactical battles don’t float your boat, this may never end being your cup o tea.

I did not find the campaign worthwhile. I played random maps, for the most part, and with friends.

Original campaign was a bit dull. Expansion campaigns were much better I thought.

Also…time for another round of play by email?

But of course!

Not done it before but I’d gladly join in!

A pbem match for qt3ers?

Yes please.

Also, to affirm what was said before, don’t do the campaign until you’ve done a few random maps.

I tired the campaign a few times and I could never make it through. Its just too contrived with certain planned events. You also do not get to spend much time with each hero archetype.

Interest piqued.

Shall I set a game up then?

Sure. Since I’ll be relearning the game as I go, I expect others to accept my treaty offers without hesitation. :-)

If anyone has any requests now would be a good time to air them.

I propose:

Large map (5 human players)

No mods.

48 hr timer.

FFA or teams? I’ve never played AoW3 MP, so I’m not sure what the options are.