Age of Wonders 3

Not done it before but I’d gladly join in!

A pbem match for qt3ers?

Yes please.

Also, to affirm what was said before, don’t do the campaign until you’ve done a few random maps.

I tired the campaign a few times and I could never make it through. Its just too contrived with certain planned events. You also do not get to spend much time with each hero archetype.

Interest piqued.

Shall I set a game up then?

Sure. Since I’ll be relearning the game as I go, I expect others to accept my treaty offers without hesitation. :-)

If anyone has any requests now would be a good time to air them.

I propose:

Large map (5 human players)

No mods.

48 hr timer.

FFA or teams? I’ve never played AoW3 MP, so I’m not sure what the options are.

Whatever options you want!

I’d be in for PBEM as well if there’s still room.

With you I count 6.

Large map is perfect for 6.

I’m thinking if no alliances/no teams is enforceable via a game setting during game creation, that would be the way to go, unless the majority wants to play a 2v2v2 or 3v3 game.

Is there any interest in a parallel comp stomp game?

I just remembered that I’ll be away from my computer from next Thursday till the Monday so I’ll not be able to join unfortunately!

I’m at 32 hours spread out since 2014 and feel the same way. And I loved the original and Shadow Magic. AoW3 never clicked.

But of course folks here describing it as the pinnacle of the series have led me to re-install. I just read through about two years of posts in this threads for starting advice and settled on the most recent:

I’m going to try this. But I’m uncertain on whether to start with cities already on the map.

@Strato recommended this approach, with cities on the map but no building, “City building is off, the focus is on cities for map control… Also, because there was no city building, I decided it was easier to have the map revealed (fog enabled) to at least identify where all the city sites are.”

But @BloodyBattleBrain has recommended the opposite, “Start on a medium or large map, with no cities on the map, and a settler start. You’ll pay attention to the map then, especially MCUs (special sites on the map, such as dungeons, that unlock different building options).”

And of course a third approach is starting with cities on the map, and allowing building. Thoughts on these two approaches, for someone starting out?

By the way, for others starting out, there’s this beginner guide from several years back. Some of the images are missing. I had earlier saved this as a pdf, so if you want it, let me know.

I prefer settling my own cities, but maybe the AI does better with preexisting cities?


For beginning, I think I’d recommend having no settlers.

So pre existing cities only.

Easy map, large, 4 players including yourself total.

Gives you loads of space and time and no pressure to just mess around.

Go for Human Warlord or Sorceror. Most straight forward combinations.

My preference is no settlers. IIRC that’s how the original AOW1 worked. Mostly though I like it that way because it changes the strategic calculus and makes the game feel a bit different than just Fantasy Civ.

It also gives the world a more “lived-in” feel. Like one is coming into Middle Earth with pre-existing cities and nations already there, instead of a blank slate.

I prefer no settlers, but the ai actually does much better with settlers.

That’s a great way to put it.

Another reason for why I turn off city building is because placing cities isn’t really a strong part of the game for me. Similarly why I set up the AI into teams of 2 teams of 3; I end up in a 3 v 3 v myself. Diplomacy isn’t a strong part of the game either. The world building is great and the AI actually has some brains when it comes to attacking with a decent army.