Age of Wonders 3

Can’t find it either.

I’ll try resetting it today.

Seals are victory point locations. You have to capture them first (and they are usually well defended) and the occupy them to gain points.

Periodically the seal will spawn units to recapture it.

OK it should be working now.

It will tell you there’s a mod to use, which doesn’t do anything radical, just removed some pbem cheese.

OK gents we stand at 5 players out of 6.

If we can get a 6th today, awesome.

If no-one shows up by 1800 GMT today,I’ll put in an AI.

I’m excited.

What’s the schedule going to be like? I have it installed, but I really haven’t played more then a few minutes.

I haven’t put any sort of timer on, I figure as a general rule, play your turn within 24 hrs.

Did I set up everything correctly? Do I need to download the mod?

Yes. When you try to join the game it should tell you you are missing a required mod.

Well it seems everything is off to a good start, everyone is connected, and the game has started.

Elfmeat is the next player…

Let the smack talk begin!

Okay, I think I found the mod on the mod website, but how do I install it? Is there a folder, or an application file.

if you are going through steam you should just click subscribe.

At the game launcher, there will be a list of “user content” and you may need to check it is ticked.

Should we create a thread specifically for discussing our PBEM game, or is that frowned upon?

Ah, thanks @BloodyBattleBrain. I was going through the mod website (I had to use it for Pathfinder). Forgot about the workshop.

I don’t see the need!

you’re welcome.

It’s not really a topic with heavy traffic… however, you are required to add pictures and a detailed AAR.

Ok, not really… but I’m slightly curious about how it’ll go. As far as one lurker is concerned, go for it.

Well, my first turn was ok.

My starting army is terrible and my starting position is mediocre.

But I am confident with my race and class combination .

So, considering the anger over the mod, what does it include that makes people so mad?

A bunch of changes done by the (quite hardcore) mp community that engage in pbem tournaments etc, intending to improve balance.

I had it there because it’s a requirement for participation in said pbem tournaments.

and I forgot to turn it off.

Given that it’s only been one turn I have no problem removing it and starting anew with no mods.

if all are ok with that I’ll have it restarted within couple of days.

I am not sure. According to notes, if we turn the mod off, won’t I be foolish not to go Necromancer and rule to world right away?