Age of Wonders 4

What does this mean? Does it mean that Eldritch Realm remains an option on the map or does it mean the Eldritch Realm is included on the surface level of the map (which is what I would prefer.)

I’ve not gotten much mileage out of Eldritch realm b/c it’s incompatible with Small Underground which means to play in the Eldritch Ream I have to play on a map with a regular (IMO HUGE) underground AND then also an Eldritch Realm layer which is a lot too much.

The Eldritch Realm land mass % was adjusted.

But that gives me another idea…

Read that and weep, folks:

Yes, that includes all DLC.

Edit: 452.1 hours played.

Nice! I’ve got all the important left side stuff (very few icons yet), and I’m trying to get all the right-side stuff but only have like 1/5 unlocked. Any suggestions on maximizing points?

Did you… actually complete the Pantheon Rewards? Are you our once and future king?

Listen. 4X game DLCs sitting on a hard drive distributing cosmetics and alternate game starts is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical video game achievements.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an emperor just because some half-forgotten backlog title had lobbed an achievement at me, they’d put me away!


Gotta admit the dedication, though. That’s some endurance.

Get a lot of techs. Win a lot of battles. Kill a lot of heroes. Those are the basics.

This is best in life?

+1, well done!

Honestly though i’d love to see all the interesting different starts and variants.

Heads up if you were getting crashes in the last week, especially with the second story realm from the new expansion - Triumph put out a patch that fixed the crashes in the last couple of days. So it’s safe to jump into the Abyss again.

I just finished the second story realm and got a whopping 9 pantheon points out of it … which was ironic because, like Sharpe, I had just maxed out my pantheon. So now those points will sit there unused (until the next expansion, fingers crossed.)

Pro tip for those who might not know: you can get partial credit (in terms of pantheon points) for an unfinished game by Surrendering it. So don’t just let those game sessions you wandered away from languish in limbo, turn 'em in for credit!

Well, thanks to you, @jpinard, and some others I was able to push through my Reaver game for the Eternal Court that I had left months ago. It was a success with managing to hold most forces as allies or in defensive pacts as I took out the Arachna and the required power sites.

I pivoted to spirit damage with my forged items. I was able to forge a ton of things due to increased Reaver income and all the special material that I had access to due to diplomacy. I also leaned full into the materium construct paths to have cascading buffs. Overall, I liked my peaceful, good, spirit Reavers with golems.

It was getting dicey at the end though as different sides of my friends were going to war with each other which could have turned real ugly in another dozen turns or so. I sort of felt like the archduke Ferdinand had recently been assassinated just as I saved the Eternal Court.

I think I learned my lesson. Don’t drop a game mid play to come back to many months later.


Spirit damage is definitely key in that scenario with the amount of undead you are dealing with.

If you move onto the next scenario, I do highly recommend dropping the difficulty down a little and/or doing it when you aren’t distracted by other games. It is a slog, no other way to put it. You will be dealing with a faction that has had a major transformation already in place and need to exploit their weaknesses (blight and freeze) to do well. I also recommend the fourth option which will make sense when you play it only because it gives more firepower to my AI allies. I personally disbanded all the extra units because I didn’t have the income to support them. Oh, and expand fast. You want 3 cities by turn 15-20 or so, depending on the map. Maybe more if you can do it. You will be squeezed in hard by brain dead AI allies and you will make better use of the provinces for your own unit development.

Arrrgh, even thinking about the AI still frustrates me. Tactical layer - AI is fine. It knows when it is losing and will cause as much collateral as it can. I respect that! It does a sensible job I think. Strategic layer though is frustrating. I did a magic victory the other night. Weird I know. Easier to do conquest. Didn’t even get the achievement. 15 turns of an AI suddenly waking up and going “oh yeah, here’s my army” and playing a bit of a tense defensive game.

Fuck that 15 turn timer for one. Stupid game design. Hated it in Firaxis’ Beyond Earth. Hate it in AoW. Don’t give me a victory condition then expect me to drag out the process for my little endorphin kick at the end. But the strategic AI doesn’t show any real capability of winning, trying to win, or otherwise looking like it wants to win the game. Does it even pursue a victory condition or is it random chance it binds a gold wonder because it has the means to do so?

This game has definitely improved over all the patching and expansions. The slower progression of getting out higher tier units, the utility of experienced low tier units, and the slowed tome progression have really done wonders for the pacing. Add in assorted other improvements, added content, and the lovely random realms setup and I’m finally really digging this.

I am undecided. Although I suppose the fact that I am still playing this, rather than one of the 3-4 other games I mean to move on to, says I must like it pretty well.

The game has changed fundamentally. Although the fact that I have been playing exclusively with the Umbral Abyss and on extremely large maps (using a mod) may color my view. The Umbrals have become pretty overwhelming, and from my experience, it appears that things are a bit asymmetrical as to the way the Umbrals interact with other AI factions versus with you – although of course it is tough to know what is going on diplomatically.

Personally, I find this bit with the entrances in and out of Umbral territory not lining up with the main map annoying. It’s a neat idea, but in practice, it does not play well with the map being more pretty than readable, in my view.

I know it’s Triumph, but this also has a tinge of the Paradox experience where you better not have missed any classes along the way. Yeah, there WAS a penalty for stacking heroes together – it said so in game. But now, no – yet so easy to miss that fact. (And, of course, things have been re-balanced around that fact.) In my mind, this is the other side of releasing games in a questionable state, and then making significant adjustments over time.

Yeah, I’m still a grumpy old man. :)

With the game wanting you to have so many stacks anyway, what is the benefit of multiple heroes in one stack?

Consolidating Power. Putting 4 Heroes in a single stacks with no other units maximizes their XP so they level quicker which gets them access to their powerful skills/summons.

And one of the challenges the game throws at you in certain situations is having to face a tough opponent with just one stack. It changes the game quite a bit to know you can resort to stacking heroes, even if you decide not to do so most of the time.

Yes and if putting all my Apple’s in one basket so to speak is my best option at that moment I’m glad it’s up to me to decide that…