Age of Wonders developer on "next gen action game"

Details and early game art available here.

I like the character design, especially the expression on that one minion facing the camera in the top shot. The game looks like it’s got an attitude, which is no bad thing.

But the overall art direction looks like a Muddy Texture Sea (as seen in Dungeon Siege), and I wonder whether this is just gonna be Goblin Commander all over again? (never played Gob. Comm. myself…) It’s not very clear what differentiates this gameplay-wise.

Bah, they should be working on AOW: Volume Next.

I agree, bah.

One of the devs (a writer on AOW series I believe) responded to that sentiment on aow2.heavengames thusly:

We’ve discussed what we thought the reaction here to our new project will be. I’m fairly sure it will be negative. It’s disappointing, because this game is going to maintain our unique style, depth of gameplay, and attention to detail, while adding the benefits of levels of budget, manpower, technology, and experience that we’ve never had before.

I guess Steven Spielberg could have done nothing but make Indiana Jones movies his whole career. But one of the benefits of being in a creative industry is being given the opportunity to pursue the best ideas your imagination can conjure up, without being pigeon-holed into a single role. An “action” director can make a dramatic movie. A “comedic” actor can star in a serious role. And we’re able to make a game that isn’t exactly like AoW. Because we’re not “PC Fantasy TBS game developers”, we’re “game developers who’ve made PC fantasy TBS’s”.

Sometimes the jump pays off (Spielberg the dramatic director) and sometimes it flops (David Caruso the movie star), but if you do your best work on a project you believe in, you’ve made a good choice.

There was more, he went on at length.,4952,0,60&st=10

Seems like every time a strategy developer makes a “next gen action game”, it sucks. Total War guys made Spartan. Trevor Chan made that Joan of Arc game. Now this.

I DO wish Spielberg had just kept doing Indy.

Looks cool, but like all damned next gen games, it just looks like current gen except high res.

Codemasters? bah Starforce!

Just out of curiosity, what else were you expecting? Photo-realism? Holographic displays? Teledildonics?

Are we thinking of the same Spartan? Spartan was a Civ-Total War hybrid strategy game, not an action game, and it was made by Slitherine.

Either way, though, point taken. Joan of Arc was a suckfest.

He’s talking about Spartan: Total Warrior.

Funny, thats what I came in here to post.


Heh. He said teledildonics. Heh heh.

There is nothing funny about the teledildonics revolution.

This technology is illegal in the Bible Belt!