Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


A few questions I have about combat:

  1. Will there be an overwatch mode?
  2. Will some races (such as space dwarves) be able to drop turrets and deploy them during battle?
  3. Will some form of LOS be implemented or will sight lines be treated like AoW3?
  4. How will terrain and position (flanking) be treated/implemented?


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Dev Diary on Tactical Combat is up. They answered some of our questions.



I’m liking what I read. The Promethean unit card looks amazing, I like where they are going with the UI and art style.


Yeah all looks good.

I do have a slight, niggling feeling that city combat will be like in AoW3.

There’ll be less of it, due to fewer cities, but the system will be the same, based off that screenshot.


Which one? None of them seemed like cities to me?


I thought it was interesting that they didn’t answer the question I had about flanking or discuss positional advantages gained from facing at all (other than height advantage). They did have flanking in AoW3 so I wonder why not address it here? Maybe that’s something they haven’t worked out yet.


The second screenshot.


Really? That looked like an exploration site to me.


The question was asked where this was. The answer was a DVAR colony.

It looks like the same system as AoW3, just prettier.

They missed most of my 21 questions too!

I think they’ll go in depth in the next few dev diaries. Combat is the hear of this game, deserves 4 or 5 dev diaries. If it were me doing them, I’d have video of gameplay.


on the left, on the unit card, there is a +++ sign, with the words “friendly territory.” Does this imply regeneration in friendly territory (and, tangentially, in connected friendly sectors), and therefore reduced or no regeneration in enemy territory (or unconnected sectors?)

If so, that’s attrition and supply modelled, which would be a HUGE mechanical change.

DARE I to dream?


I think it does. In AoW3 units heal only in cities or on special sites. Maybe for this game they’re extending that for some units to all territory within your borders.



Units always heal in AoW3.

edit: I thought I was going crazy, so i booted the game up to check.

+6hp every turn regen

exception draconians, +12 hp.

Healing skill is +25 hp per turn, overflows from one unit to the next.

ahh your reply interrupts my reply!


You’re right. Heal faster, I should have said.


Hospitals and one specific shrine etc etc.

Now combining the idea of sectors, the need to connect sectors to cities to make them useful, and if I am right and that screenshot means friendly territory only regeneration, then it is a definite game changer, and a massive brake on fast expansion.


Yeah, the question is if that particular buff applies to just certain units or to all of them. It might be a perk I could see being limited to defensive units to make them more effective in holding their home turf. That said, the Phoenix Walker above looks anything but defensive. Can’t wait to find out more about this.


This is the best screenshot I’ve seen yet. Must play asap.


New diary up!


Yeer a good man, Scott Lufkin. A good man, you is.