Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

I love how they have baseline Sadism.
Because they’re still evil AF.

Doh! I think I forgot to do that on the pc and I definitely haven’t on the Xbox. Thanks!

Reminder as well that at any time you can right-click to turbo-speed any current animation. So if your’e moving an army or unit, double-right click will blip it over there while still maintaining your overall animation speed settings.

Back in town now and I’ve resumed my second skirmish game. The Assembly are fun.

For whatever reason, I lean toward ranged weapons over melee, but maybe that’s just the factions I’m playing. I’ve got some snipers now in my main Assembly army, and those Kir’ko bugs can’t touch me. Dead before they’re halfway to me. Pew pew pew!

yes,I’ve been doing that, but it gets tiring.

Triumph really needs to sell some dire penguin plushies.

That’s how I have my Bukwarks set up. I’m sure they’ll get their shots in soon.

I’m kind of getting a rut (as much as 3 times is considered a rut). I expand until I run into neighbors. See that they have 3 stacks of armies running around together. Decide I’m going for the weapon of mass destruction victory and avoid fighting.
1 stack each, great!
2 stacks each, still pretty fun.
3 stacks each, arggg I don’t want to bother.

robc04 --in my limited experience --it does seem if you want to really win the big battles you have to bring the stacks in … this is a game thing I am sure. One stack just --well, in my experience, cannot win against some of the bigger battles. I need to play more… I could be wrong.

You’re right, I just find that many units too tedious so I just don’t attack. Sometimes they attack me though and I don’t have a choice :-) 1-2 stack is my sweet spot for enjoyment. When I had to fight some bigger battles I just brought a lot of extra firepower and autoresolved it with some minimal loses.

I guess what I was saying is that when it gets to that point I just go for the doomsday weapon victory.

I did like playing with Kir’ko unit that lets me eat enemy units. That was fun. I just finished out my third skirmish weapon of mass destruction victory.

This has always been my big issue with the AOW series. The big battles are just too tedious and too long. I end up autoresolving most of the time.

Well, my last two games have been ended by game-crashing bugs that I can’t move beyond without loading back turns in advance and just praying it works.

Weird that my first game went flawlessly and now it feels like a very unstable beta.

I’ll check back in a few weeks and see if it’s more playable. I submitted my crash reports, at least.

I used to dread the large battles at the end of AoW3. I think planetfall battles aren’t quite as big, but l too find 3 stacks too much.

I had my first crash last night just after a fight (playing on Xbox) but loaded the auto save and it went fine from there.

Is anyone finding the various tech trees to be a bit too similar / boring? I mean, the effect on game-play isn’t all that much it seems to me. Contrast this to AoW 3 where the druid tree is extremely different than the mage tree vs the dreadnaught tree, etc…

I spent some time last night (after losing yet again), just starting games so I could see the tech trees and absolutely nothing I saw in any of them made me think, “Oh wow, that is cool”. The closest thing to that might be the void tech melee unit with its quantum duplication, but that is just one unit. Mostly the techs seem to be + damage to some color (fire, biological, arc, etc…) some similar defenses, some similar buffs, etc…

Foreman getting buffed soon. He’ll speed up strategic map healing I believe.

Bulwarks should be considered machine gun platforms, not stompy mechs.

Keep them behind your Trenchers and use them to mow down whatever approaches.

Not really. Kirko have a doctrine to accelerate XP gain iirc.

And t shirts and posters.

The idea was to have fewer,but more decisive battles overall, but especially towards the end game.

You should have imho maybe 4 or 5 stacks as your largest army towards the late game, unlike in AoW3 where you could easily have some 6 armies with 6 stacks each.

Interesting, what size maps is this on? It’s
been a while since I’ve played AoW3 but I don’t think I ever had armies that large. But I only played small and medium maps.

Large or XL to be fair.

The medium map with 6 players is pretty huge. I have a sprawling empire now that those Kri’ko have been subjugated.

Getting ready for a war against an Assembly faction. They have a def pact so it should be interesting.

Thanks. The Foreman needs a buf. I think his weapon needs it most. The range seems too short and it always seems to target one of my units too, so I don’t use it.

My Bulwark got some shots in last night. He just seems a bit fragile. As do a lot of the Dvar units. I thought they were supposed to be the tough armored faction. And this is with a leveled up army. I haven’t played too much, so I could be mistaken.