Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

Yeah, they may be Spacers or Growth, for instance, who seem to declare war on me pretty easily compared to other factions (I’m always friends with Paragon, it seems). I can’t say for sure they aren’t just moving out of a fog-of-war, but there are always at least two armies attacking my annexed sectors or forward bases before I can get armies in position to defend. There’s probably something I’m not seeing, though.

So for all those who’ve played a bunch. What’s your favorite racial combo?

Also, what are you favorite map settings?

Favorite combo: Dvar Prometheans. You’re so, so very tough, and so, so very dangerous.

Settings: Medium, 6 opponents, Hard, Extreme natural dangers, on a ruined world.

Cool! Why do you choose extreme natural dangers?

Kirko Psynumbra, Kirko Xenoplague, Kirko Voidtech.

I might have a thing for the Kirko.

The devs said the game was balanced for that, but they were afraid some people wouldn’t be happy with neutral creatures being a real threat, so they made the “normal” setting lower.

Faction combos I really enjoyed - Kir’ko Xenoplague, Dvar Promethean, Assembly Voidtech.

My next game will probably be Kir’ko Psynumbra. I didn’t like Syndicate/Psynumbra but I think it was more of a function of me not liking the Syndicate units. If you had asked me on paper which faction I thought I would end up playing if you just described them in-game, I’d have said Syndicate. But turns off they just bounce right off me. I also doubt I’ll play again with Amazons. On paper a terraforming faction sounds fun, but in practice it’s rather tedious and I didn’t love their units.

How can you not love the arboreal sentinel? Such a great T2 unit: provides much-needed overwatch, a badass free action shield, a defense mode that heals, and a nasty area of effect root+bleed. So good.

I think I’ve found my most not liked unit LOL. Every Amazon Lancer I’ve used has been the most easily smited unit of anything I’ve played with thus far.

Don’t know what they call them, but the amazon archer is pretty cool. Doing ranged damage plus a chance to blind is pretty nice.

Every water unit falls in my most not liked category. At any point I’ve got a decision what to build these do not come to mind.

I didn’t like them or the Vanguard assault bike at first. Now I love them.

I have no clue why they even exist, to be honest. I’ve never seen any reason to build them, at all. Even on a map with a lot of water, building units that can only operate in water tiles is beyond a waste when flying units can do both and it’s easy/fast enough for land units to traverse.

As far as I understand it, the real life reasons for navies is to enable amphibousity, and to transport over large large distances.

neither of which matter in most games!

Ok, how did you come to love them? I would like to appreciate them better. I don’t like the assault bike either.

They’re highly mobile and surprisingly durable. Their single action attack means they can use that movement and still do 100% of their damage and flank on many of their attacks. The Lancer has Flanker as well, which means another 25% flank damage. The bike staggers really nicely and when obscured by a PUG is a pain in the ass to bring down. They cause chaos in the enemy formations while Huntresses and Troopers destroy them. Have a Lancer or assault bike hit them from the flank, causing them to turn, then your main units follow it up with another flank attack. It’s devastating.

I had somehow missed this! That does make them more useful.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the Lancer is a melee unit. It really isn’t, even though it looks like it should be.

Ditto that Tyrannadon.

I made that mistake :)

Even after the scaling costs to colonizers, I still find an all-out land rush at the start is the only really viable opening, and it’s getting a little stale. One of the things I like about games like Civ is that there are technological brakes on colonizing every inch of land. I don’t mean unhappiness and corruption and limiters like that necessarily, I mean that there might be terrain that isn’t very valuable until you unlock some new technologies and then it becomes more viable. Or in space games, you start being able to colonize planets with different hazard ratings or world types (barren worlds, ice worlds).

I wish there were options for rushing or booming and stuff like that, but I feel like every one of the dozens and dozens of games I’ve played have gone the exact same path. It’s getting a little boring and predictable.

As a counterpoint, in my most recent game I founded 2 of my own cities.

I spent all my cosmite on 2 modded up stacks, captured 2 cities from one enemy, made leave with them by pledging to be their vassal, captured 2 more cities from another empire (enemy 2) that had declared war on me, made peace with them, built up my forces to 5 stacks, kept the NPCs happy, then attacked enemy 2, who had about 6 cities.

Another AI got wiped out and I found their empty cities.

I have about 14 cities now, built 2 of them.