Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

Wow thanks for that info dump. I’ even more excited to get back into this. I knew grabbing the expansion pack season pass was going to be worth it.

The DLC for this is supposed to follow the Triumph model and not the Paradox model, right?

If all is well, yes. This DLC seems similar to what they did with AOW3.

11/19, to be precise

Minus the playable races. But because this DLC is $5 cheaper than the two due next year (and cheaper than any of the AOW3 full expansions released in lieu of DLC), I’d expect more playable races and win conditions in those.

Yeah that was a fantastic write-up! Can’t wait till I have the mental energy to dive back into this game (which will definitely be some time after this drops).

Warhammer 2 Total War needs this!

Fixed that for you.

Edited to add: I’m trying to think of another game that does this, and I feel like I have played one that did. But I can’t for the life of me put my finger on it. So it’s possible I just dreamed or hallucinated it.

Thea 2, I think.

It was definitely a thing in some older game, because I remember doing it.

Perky_Goth is right. Thea 2 has an excellent implementation of it.

My only concern really is that CK3 will overshadow this now :(.

Because I am worried people lump everything Paradox under the same umbrella.

Hmm not for me, I much prefer the sci-fi setting of Planetfall over the boring medieval time period that makes up the CK games.

Overshadow in what way? They’re very different games and likely appeal to different gamers (although plenty of crossover, obviously).

Yeah CK and AOW don’t play anything alike. I suspect they won’t overshadow each other if for no other reason than the player bases for both games tend to be informative, helpful and eager to advertise what the games. They’ll likely correct any comparisons, hopefully in a nice way, on the various forums too. AOW is still very much on my list.

I was thinking, and my bad for not explaining it well, more like Paradox might be focusing on CK3 more than PF.

I get the feeling Imperator was basically a trial run for CK3, and now that they seem to have fleshed that out and made it somewhat enjoyable apparently, they’ll take that into CK3.

I may be imagining it but even the screenshots look similar. Same engine?

Maybe I should migrate this post…:P

Anyway, back to PF, the expansion is apparently leaning heavily into location based mechanics, including, as has been seen, choose your own mini adventures based off “survey sites,” and rumour has it there may even be bespoke, custom/specialised tactical combat maps for some of them.

Also, confirmed in the stream I believe, higher tier units will get a strategic speed upgrade to match other units, but a tactical speed debuff, so they are slower, more clumsy in combat but can keep up on the strategic map.

I believe this to be one of the major complaints about the existing t3 and t4 units?

It was also my first game mod lol (boosting the speed of slower units.)

It sounds like the Tomb World option will add an extra challenge dimension to the map. Or am I reading that wrong. I tend to like to establish my borders and then just try and defend them (as long as I’m not in an existential war where everybody is ganging up on me) and go for a doomsday victory so this would be a nice compliment to test my play style. Adding to the location based mechanics is a great call too. Nov 19 isn’t that far away.

As you know, Paradox isn’t developing AoW:P so I assume you mean in terms of marketing they would focus more on CK3 than on Planetfall, and that’s probably accurate and honestly appropriate, given one is a big deal sequel to a flagship title coming from their own dev studio that has yet to release and the other is a game that’s already out and been updated a few times, with small DLC content coming. Which I’m sure will see a marketing push as appropriate.

In terms of development, Paradox will (one hopes) remain hands-off and let Lennart and company “do their thang”.

CK3 has been in development longer than Imperator. I’m pretty sure they have long-term plans for the latter, it’s not a Sengoku one-off. It also sold really well, so they have reason to keep working on it.

In terms of screenshots, they all use the same Clausewitz engine, so yes.

Planetfall is being worked on by Triumph not PDS, so I don’t see how CK3 would be pulling resources away from it. Paradox is working on Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, Stellaris, Imperator, and another two unannounced projects. I’m sure they have the bandwidth to market Planetfall going forward, although CK3 will be in the spotlight as opposed to expansions to existing titles (including Planetfall’s).

Yes they are. Paradox Interactive is the owner of Triumph Studios.