Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

There are other languages? :P

Jokes aside, how is the translation. I know in AoW3 there were some complaints about not enough languages, inaccuracies etc. Has the might of Paradox been beneficial in this regard?

I’m playing in Russian and only saw a single typo in some story dialogue (or maybe the Assembly is supposed to have a Hulk Speech moments?..). AoW3 had some big translation problems like translating Dreadnaught into Fearless even though Russian uses Dreadnaught too (meaning type of battle ship). Then they patched it to Technocrat which was weird to see near Theocrat (in Russian the difference is 2 letters).

I mostly played AoW3 in English but later switched to Russian for hot seat MP and I saw that the translation is passable but not good. AoWP is much better. Those Foremen are a good example - they didn’t use obvious translation that has very… earthly and beuracratic connotations in Russian. Instead they went for a French word “brigadier” which means “manager of worker unit” in Russian. In fact, I didn’t even know that in English it’s usually a military rank till I’ve checked right now. So some actual thought was put into this translation.

I think Paradox in general has decided to up their translation game. I can only judge Russian translation and before CK2 it was outsourced to external publishers. CK2 and EU4 didn’t get a Russian translation at all. Stellaris and HoI4 got it on release but Stellaris had some infamous translation shortcuts. Imperator Rome has some weird font problems on release - they’ve actually packaged Cyrillic font into the game but didn’t enable it so it was all in Arial, but the translation itself was fine. I’m not playing release version but it looks like AoWP has translation as good as you might expect. I also don’t see any complaints about it anywhere.

Looking at the Paradox Forums, German and French Translations are not quite there. Same for Polish according to Steam. But in general the translations have been well received.

I noticed that button, but it was greyed out. I just hopped back in and it looks like it won’t let me since it’s @ShivaX’s turn. I am the one hosting the game, will he be able to do a repair?

They should be able to yes, depending on turn mode it can change who can repair but either host or master (the player whose turn it is) can repair the session.

Thanks for the info! We’ll give it a shot yet this week.

My friend and I recently both grabbed AoW:P. We want to play a live co-op game that will be a quickish learning game. What are good settings?

Do we just ally via in game diplomacy once we make contact? Do we use the teams option at setup? Will there be any AI diplomacy (with us or each other) if we use the teams option?

Basically we want it to be a co-op vs AI, but with maybe the chance to turn or team up with some AI. Hopefully we can see each others battles if we are not directly involved.

Thanks for the advice.

No teams if you want that. Teams remove diplomacy with each other major faction.

So basically play “solo” and when you finally encounter each other just jump into Alliance asap.
It’ll probably be easy, but it’s a learning game so that’s not a terrible thing.

Thanks. If we do normal diplomacy (not teams) will we be able to be each other’s combat and land movement once we have an alliance?

Why do you think it will be easy? Is it the 2v1v1v1v1v1 setup? In a perfect world I would set 2 teams of 2 (one us, and another an AI duo) and have some indepenants that could be swayed by diplomacy and casus belli. I guess we could up the AI difficulty, but we are very new to the game.

You should be able to see them beforehand. Doublecheck the settings, but I think it’s default.

Yeah basically you’re 2v1v1v1v1. You have someone you can trust who can back you up with no danger of betrayal and an early Alliance. But for a new game it’ll be fine. Odds are you’ll be so far apart that you wont really be able to support each other anyway.

Hey everyone!

The holidays are drawing near and it looks like the Stegosaurus is already getting into the spirit. That means that we have some presents for you of course; this time in the shape of an update that contains some heavily requested features, like Auto explore! Besides these, the update contains a series of fixes and updates. Thanks for your continued feedback and support! Enjoy!

V1.104 - Stegosaurus 2

Feature: Auto-Explore
Armies can now be set to ‘auto-explore’, this means that they will scout around the planet on their own; picking up resources along the way. These armies will no longer appear in your to-do events; allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Click Here for More Details

Feature: Tactical Operations Toggle
When engaging in combat, you can now decide whether Tactical Operations will be used during Auto Combat.


  • When a unit is brought back from the dead, all of its Once Per Battle and Ability Cooldowns are triggered. This does not affect Escape Module or similar abilities.

  • Fixed issue where AI player vs AI Player and AI player vs Marauders would no longer generate combat events.

  • Fixed that unit icons in the army panel would flicker on army movement.

  • Fixed issue where razing a Forward Relay Base would not cancel its Energy and Cosmite upkeep.

  • Fixed a visualization error on the Livestock Spawner Tactical Map that caused biodomes to spawn in the incorrect color.

  • Fixed issue where the doomsday level could go beyond 3 causing a crash.


  • Fixed issue in Hotseat where the game could hang after manual combat when an AI player attacked the player.

  • Fixed issue in Hotseat where the game could crash upon using combat retry and then closing the combat results.


  • Fixed issue where players could pause the turn timer while another player was in combat or viewing the combat results.

  • Fixed issue where leaders would not load correctly in the lobby and loading screen if a player used a DLC leader but the host of the multiplayer session did not own the required DLC.

Units, Mods & Operations

  • Sinister Chorus now correctly decreases Entropy Resistance

  • PsiTec Vox Amp now correctly receives damage channel changes from Focus mods.

  • Fixed Hopperhound Mantises not having a defense mode.

  • Purchased Faction Units now correctly gain extra ranks from the player’s HQ as well as other Upgrades.


  • Fixed ‘Kir’ko Independence’ in Xa’Kir’Ko (Kirko 02) not progressing in some cases after completing all three ‘Collect Data from Xenolabs’ quests. Note: Affected players will still have to end their turn for the quest line to progress.

Anomalous Sites

  • Replaced the constructs in Phase 3 of House of Emperors with Scavengers.


  • Edge scrolling no longer moves the camera when input is blocked.

  • Controller: Cycle Cities now correctly ignores Absorbing/Migrating cities


  • Doomsday structures are now being removed when a sector changes owner.


  • Changing teams is now locked while the player has opted as ready to play.

Units, Mods & Operations

  • Heritor Siphoner ‘Es’Teq Siphon’ - Reduced damage from 11 to 9


  • Added a Secret Tech Filter to the Commander Selection screen.

  • Skipping to the next to-do event will now focus the camera on the event.

  • Cycling through cities is now done alphabetically.

  • Where possible sector invasion event will now highlight the invading stack instead of the cell the invasion took place.

I wonder how the Dvar scouts will work since they get that cool Prospect Sector ability.

The Auto-Explore behavior is universal for every unit/stack, this means that Prospectors don’t target sector centers or use their prospecting ability. If you want to prospect you will have to do it manually.

Oh I will do it manually, because if there’s one way to define me as a person, it’s that I’m a loot whore a hoarder anti-litter. It just wouldn’t be right to leave that stuff unclaimed.

Whoa awesome!!!

Triumph earning their name as always.

Can’t wait for the T-Rex or Megalodon updates. But yeah, I’m ready to try something other than Vanguard. Next playthru will be Dvar I think.

Dvar are fantastic. Never stop prospecting!

I didn’t think I’d like dvar much but they won me over by the end of the campaign. Don’t think I’ll pair them with Xenoplague next time though.

Summoning @Scott_Lufkin.

Monsignor Lufkin, you’re going to love this patch.

Yeah, I was skimming the notes and it looks amazing. So is this available right now?