Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

Bought this at launch, played around 20 hours and I honestly didn’t even know secret techs were a thing until reading this update.

Right there with you on the secret tech, I mostly feel like I’m just guessing my way thru what meshes with what.

To give you an idea of just how clueless I am about this, I didn’t realize I had a secret tech unit in my starting stack.

I’m Vanguard, so until you mentioned this I had not connected the dots that a light bringer unit was among my starting stack because I chose Celestian as my secret tech.

No idea why I’m being so mentally slow with this one, I mean what is going on here if I’m having a quicker time figuring out Deity Empires than I am this one?!

I think it’s understandable that you overlook secret tech units, just like I do. It’s easy to miss. The unit-details screen identifies secret tech units, but in my first few plays I didn’t read those screens carefully enough, I guess. Maybe there’s a more obvious identifier that I’m missing. Possibly just the model of the unit – a hacker among a bunch of Amazons sorta stands out.

Anyway, it’s great to have one such unit in the opening stack. I stopped and read its lore, and I started poking around the tech tree, looking for synergies between the tech and my faction.

I’m traveling tomorrow, so forgive me if I stop replying in this thread for a bit. :)

I’m 500 hrs in, mostly before Xmas, and I still couldn’t give you a definitive answer to this.

Honestly, you could play the game without using the secret tech, the races are that well designed.

Any word on when the annoying refresh rate issue when using fullscreen mode is getting fixed? It’s a known issue for a while and is still around in the new update.

(When using alt-tab the game reverts back to 60hz regardless of the refresh that is set in the resolution option. To fix you need to go into options and set a different refresh, exit options, then go back in again and set the original refresh).

I know, I know ‘use borderless’. I do because of this issue - but the game is smoother in fullscreen. :)

So the AI is way more aggressive and won’t just sit in/around its cities with army groups. Get to close and they will swarm like ants around your group to take it on.

Thank you for explaining this at depth. Looks like hard is my new default level of difficulty :)

Random minor question of the day: If I lose a unit in a garrison of my city in does the city replace it? Or am I now simply down a man from this point forward on garrison defense? My assumption, and this is entirely a guess, is that the city eventually replaces it.

It will replace it, though I’m not sure how long it takes, now that you mention it. I have a feeling it’s “at the start of the next turn, garrisons replenish” but I’m not for sure, that’s just my gut feeling.

Thanks. I figured it replenished. It would be kind of cool if they didn’t replenish until the next expansion of the city, that way losing garrison units in defense would bring some risks to that city you’d have to consider and perhaps keep a stack near by until it replenished.

Edit: Oh, and over time do these garrison units upgrade as you increase the choices and quality of the units you’re recruiting?

I think there are infrastructure buildings that add higher tier units to your garrison.

Probably right, I’ll pay attention as the campaign progresses improvements to build for garrisons. It’s been a couple months since I last played this one and just started a new campaign so I’ve only at this point got the one city.

Next turn I’m going to see where it shows in the city the garrison defending it so I can see if the units do in fact replenish in one turn (I’m hoping they don’t but I’ll be a bit surprised if that’s not in fact the case).

Hover over colony military power in colony view?

Just checked the Wiki, and it says the militia replenish each turn. Default militia is a couple of core units, and the three military infrastructure buildings add skirmishers, support, elites, and more units.

Been playing this last couple nights since the update, got to say, I’d forgotten just how cool this one is.

Not a bad idea. Makes a certain sense.

I think the current approach works quite well though because it streamlines it.

One possible exploit, that I haven’t used or seen used, is to milk the militia.

So attack one time, kill all but one unit, retreat, wait a turn, repeat.

Seems like a very unsatisfying thing to do but it can be done I think.

Although by that point surely the game is won?

This is correct.

They cost energy upkeep iirc, so the point when they’re most useful, i.e earlier in the game, is the point where they cost the most proportionally.

I think they’re a great buy.

Top end defence buildings get you t3 units as defenders!!

I agree, this is such a great deal. I get units early as garrison defense and of course get to play with them even before I’ve come close to researching the tech to build them.

That and garrisons make siege defense just way more interesting to me. And it was brilliant giving the defender advantages to defense but not just that cumbersome wall in AOW3 that just turned into a bring catapults and launch boulders at the gates every time affair.

Btw, is anyone else seeing some glitching in the combat screen? Like down at the bottom right.

Yeah I have it all along the bottom. TriumphJordi says it’s a known issue and may be because of resizing the window. But I use full screen and it shows up in borderless and windowed for me also.