Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

Not a bad idea. Makes a certain sense.

I think the current approach works quite well though because it streamlines it.

One possible exploit, that I haven’t used or seen used, is to milk the militia.

So attack one time, kill all but one unit, retreat, wait a turn, repeat.

Seems like a very unsatisfying thing to do but it can be done I think.

Although by that point surely the game is won?

This is correct.

They cost energy upkeep iirc, so the point when they’re most useful, i.e earlier in the game, is the point where they cost the most proportionally.

I think they’re a great buy.

Top end defence buildings get you t3 units as defenders!!

I agree, this is such a great deal. I get units early as garrison defense and of course get to play with them even before I’ve come close to researching the tech to build them.

That and garrisons make siege defense just way more interesting to me. And it was brilliant giving the defender advantages to defense but not just that cumbersome wall in AOW3 that just turned into a bring catapults and launch boulders at the gates every time affair.

Btw, is anyone else seeing some glitching in the combat screen? Like down at the bottom right.

Yeah I have it all along the bottom. TriumphJordi says it’s a known issue and may be because of resizing the window. But I use full screen and it shows up in borderless and windowed for me also.

Yeah, I’m full screen, get it every time in battle screen. No major deal, and good to hear they’re aware of it.

Dumb question of the day: I’m in a skirmish campaign as vanguard. In recruiting a gunship I’m faced with a question: how do you repair it? I know you can mod it with nanite injectors, but what I was wondering is it repairable by engies (I assume not since they’re on the ground and this thing is in the air) or perhaps the PUG can do it once for any member of the team (mechanical or humanoid)?

From memory, it will have some innate healing per turn, 6hp iirc.

And being flying doesn’t affect engineers healing it.

In combat, I believe the PUG healing ability works on all units as well. Plus you have the Nanite Support Station op.

Thanks gents. I just really wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious as I was contemplating recruiting an engie for a stack that had a gunship in it and that got me to thinking the engie mechanical fixing ability was probably of no use for the gunship so perhaps include a PUG instead.

One other good thing about the Engineer unit is it adds +6/healing per turn at the strategic level for Mechanical units (including gunships).

I’ve been reading the Dev Diaries as I learn the game, and they work pretty well as a manual. Gives me a sense of the big picture synergies as I tinker with the mechanics.

I really appreciate the background they’ve developed for Planetfall. The devs have always done a good job of creating worlds that look as if they have history and culture. In AoW3, though, I kept tripping over myself trying to figure out what that history was. (Why do goblins train dreadnoughts? Why would dwarves hire orcs?) At the time I figured it must just be the fantasy equivalent of post-Roman Empire and got on with it.

But their work in Planetfall linking factions, techs, and locations to the Star Union feels as polished as their game systems. I don’t know how deep the world building goes, but there’s enough there to hook my curiosity while I learn the game.

Note to self: Remember to allow your units to heal before jumping into yet another battle.

My current note to self is defend your cities when you attack other peoples: because attacking an AI’s closest city and not encountering multiple stacks defending it (that you know exist) will likely mean one of two things:

  1. the AI is preparing to counter attack and take back that city you’re busy trying to take, or better yet
  2. the AI is attacking your main city you left undefended

In my current campaign I went after the AI’s closest city, the AI left it undefended and in the fog of war moved 3 stacks down to attack my main city.

Clever that.

Edit: I still consider diplomacy in this game useless. Comparing it to Aggressors: Ancient Rome it’s so not working for me it’s painful even opening up the menu it’s so pointless by comparison.

So, unit morale affects crit / fumbles and city morale can trigger positive and/or negative events. Does morale have any additional effects?

Any way of speeding up movement across long distances mid / late game?

Double click the destination and zip, you’re there.

Any time I watch videos of people playing this one that’s one of the first tells I’m watching someone who has played a fair amount of AOW because they’ll double click the units to get them on down the road.


Edit: and there’s a tech to speed up movement in friendly territory.

Which is one of the reasons forward based can come in handy.

I know there are some PBEM games going, but would anyone be interested in trying a game of the month, a la Civfanatics?

Here’s how it works: each month, someone sets up a game and shares the save file with the other players. Usually, the scenario is designed to have a theme, whether it’s playing to a faction’s strengths (Dvar Prometheans in a fight to the death on a hazardous world) or forcing players to get creative (Dvar Prometheans playing for a Unifier victory).

Everyone plays through the game on their own time, usually posting an opening action report with their plans for the game and an after action report detailing how the game went. Competitive players can rank their performance by speed, score, etc., and everyone gets a chance to compare notes and learn some new tricks.

If there’s enough interest (say, 5 people who’ll play in March?) I’d be happy to start a thread and figure out a way to distribute the saved game. I’d prefer if someone with a little more experience design the scenario, though.

So, over the last few days, I’ve been getting back into this, running extra large maps that take 100 + turns and wow I’m having fun.

I lost my most recent game because the AI pulled off a doomsday victory. :0

I could have won but I was having too much fun killing stuff.

And the AI that won was literally on the other side of the map.