Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


Like the previous factions, I’m a big fan of these guys as well. I like the roster we’ve seen, and their back story, and the fact they have psionics is really cool to me. Tough to say for sure without seeing them in proper action, which I agree, might be today. Fingers crossed!


On an aesthetic level I’m not thrilled with the iconography. It’s just so ugly. But I plan to catch up on the dev diary stuff tonight, as I haven’t had a chance to read this latest one.


No video.

Enjoy reading.


I just started reading the blog. I’ve gotten as far as the Subjugator screenshot. Check out the lore, it’s great. My only complaint is the whole idea of that Subjugator ever getting up for anything, that screams floating ivory throne like nobody’s business.

I could do without the heavy emphasis on slavery for this faction, but bad guys gotta be bad.


@Scott_Lufkin and others who have been following closely, what are some of your favorite improvements this seems to make over AoW3? I prefer fantasy over scifi, but if this offers up some good mechanical differences I can see this as being a good game to pick up.


@BloodyBattleBrain and I had a talk about this about 15 posts back, start here…

…and come back if you want any clarification or if that wasn’t what you were looking for? I could also take a few notes about the things I like over AoW3 when we see the next gameplay stream, since that should also be the newest look at the latest build.


Yep that’s the type of thing I’m looking for. I think I read some of it on my phone a little while back and forgot. I’m usually more distracted when reading on the phone and more likely to have the info not stick in my brain. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I have some type of brain worm living in my head reducing brain function over time.

It does sound like it has enough improvements to make it feel different enough from AoW3. Not sure if I’ll get it day 1 (I wouldn’t be surprised!) or wait for a bit of a price reduction. AoW3 has the best tactical battles in any game of it’s kind that I can recall.


It does, and honestly this seems to play so familiarly to that excellent title, I think I overcame my “oh, it’s Sci-Fi?” sentiment very easy. Functionally, it’s just Dwarves with Energy Tanks instead of Steam Tanks, so to speak. The factions are still fantasy, just future fantasy, and like I mentioned up thread, we already have the best version of this as fantasy, let’s see if we can have the best sci-fi 4X out there now as well. :)

But I really do like a lot of the changes this game is bringing, off the top of my head I’m really happy with how Sectors work. That’s probably my favorite change, honestly. But I also like they split up over land “spells” and combat “spells”, and what they are doing with diplomacy with using a point system to ensure your actions work diplomatically is probably the best way to ensure things behave like they are supposed to with AI factions. I think that has enough potential I may try to play Planetfall as a proper 4X and not a Wargame with three of the “X’s”. Lots of great little changes.

The only thing I continue to be not sold on is some of the effects and animations aren’t as fluid as I’ve come to demand in my games. You play something like Civ VI and while that game isn’t … uh, great, it does look really polished and has just incredible animations. It’s hard to not compare games in the same genre, especially with the same view point. I mean, Gladius has an amazing aesthetic and animates gorgeously, for that matter. But every new video looks better than the last, and we have 4 months before release, so it’s fair to say a lot of the art/animation/effects are still in flux.


I think you’ll have to! The single biggest change imho is sectors probably.

However, one other change that hasn’t gotten much attention is that independent cities don’t exist.

In AoW3 you might start with a very large Dwarf city near you, or find one early, which might change your game strategy immediately.

In PF independent “cities” are basically camps of people.

It makes a certain sense because every planet is supposedly post apocalyptic so having a thriving metropolis would be odd.

Another huge change is how the NPC factions have been given a great deal more power and agency. In AoW3 you could ignore a Giants’ dwelling to no ill effect. Here, if you ignore the Autonoms, or worse, help their enemies, they will come for you, and they are powerful.


I’m so all in on the map being more dangerous and interactive!


As far as hot takes goes, that’s a doozy. Obviously, it’s very subjective, but I love the icons.

I even like the unit/hero icons a lot, which I normally don’t when they are the 3D models themselves.


It’s not a hot take, it’s an opinion, specifically about stuff like this.

It’s bad. It’s neon Wingdings bad.


Yep, definitely ought to push release half a year to address.


I can honestly say the look of the icons has barely any effect on whether I’d buy the game as long as I can make sense of them. I understand others place a greater importance on other things and that’s fine. I’m not criticizing your opinion.




Oh, man, I nearly forgot about today’s stream. Thankfully someone linked the archive in the forums!

Starts about 4 minutes and goes for about an hour (the rest seems to be for other Paradox games, fyi).

I’ll check it out momentarily.


Okay, I was able to watch yesterday’s stream and it looked great! I’m really happier and happier with the polish, visuals, and animations every time I see new versions, and this version even had some voice over stuff. Stuff I’ll want to turn off ASAP though, because being alerted that something was ready to prime every few turns got old fast and that was just me watching the hour long video. Still, I like they added that stuff in, even if I’ll be turning voices off as this kind of game I play while I watch TV, mostly.

I really like the new faction, the Syndicate, they have some amazing units that look fun to use, cool tech and optional ways to play, and some really interesting mechanics.

Next up, early this morning they did a charity stream and at the 5h 28m mark in this video, some people start a new game in Plaentfall and this seems like an unscripted (so far) look at the game.


I’m loving the zoom in this one. It’s at least as far zoomed out as AoW3 but without those insufferable clouds making you have to tick a few notches closer to the ground. And in the above stream, the guy zooms into and out of the tactical view and it’s glorious.

EDIT: For comparison, here is what most of the Triumph guys like @Lennart_Sas have been playing at when they stream:


That is a great zoom level!


Yep, yep, yep, yep.

August 6, y u so far away.