Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


I’ve seen a couple names but don’t know anything about any of them except for one guy, P4nyhof. Some of the account holders for that stream have been accused of view-botting to raise its Twitch status/viewer numbers/placement and amass more clicks/viewers, as well as a bunch of other weird shit. The Hearthstone community used to complain about its Twitch account constantly a few years ago when there was apparently some questionable stuff happening with the account. I’ve never watched the account’s stream though.

Blizzard also banned him from some tournament (because other members on his assigned team pulled out after learning they were being teamed up with him against their wishes) after a scandal at an earlier tournament where he was both admin and player and changed votes to his favor.


I think the idea is to access the non core market, as people like me will already (have already bought) buy it, so we are less urgent.

That sounds bad, but it isn’t meant as a dig.

I totally understand wanting to broaden the fanbase.

I also think very little like this exists in Consoleland, so there is huge potential here.


You can do that today, right now, actually. There are lots of streams on the official Twitch archive for Paradox Interactive where factions are being shown off. Now, this is (as I mentioned earlier) a canned demonstration where the streamer is loading a save game they have played a few times before to ensure no surprises happen live, but it’s still a good example of gameplay. I linked several up thread.

The only one on that list I know by name is Burke, he’s the guy that does pirate themed stuff iirc, and I’ve seen a few of his videos as linked to me by @ShivaX and he seems cool, and he will take the game seriously and likely really enjoy it, from what I know of his work. I don’t recognize a single handle on that list otherwise, but I’m more a YouTube guy and not so much a Twitch guy. In fact, more and more it bothers me when I see the person playing in the corner of the screen, all that real time ticker information that shows up on Steams just annoys the shit out of me. I associate all that with Twitch streaming (vs. YouTube, I suppose it happens there as well but not nearly as often and generally only when it’s a Stream that was put up on YouTube after the fact).


Burke can be a little goofy, but he’s a strategy gamer. He got big off of Total War games for the most part, though he’s a variety streamer.

Everyone else I have no idea. I only know Dodger from the list and have never watched a stream.


I think this is the first stream.

A bit laggy for me.

Dvar Voidtech.


another live stream now


Today’s Diary went live - a closer look at planet (map) generation:

There are quite a few more links/streamers (some YouTube) on the list for today that are or already played, so already we have some footage out there. Here is the page with all the links on it:


I won’t be able to see any of the stream recordings till tonight. Has anybody seen a particularly good or interesting one I might want to watch first?


Here’s DasTactics




Thanks for posting the link to the Dastactics video. I watched Das play through his first battle, and I enjoyed it. The battle map was busy, but in a good way, and it was fun to see Das destroy some of the terrain with a mortar. Mostly it has an AoW vibe, but occasionally the XCom reboot came to mind. The pastel palette didn’t bother me.

I keep bouncing off AoW games, but this one still looks like a must-buy to me.


The lucky bastard. He is playing Total War: Three Kingdoms tonight, and he gets to play Planetfall tomorrow.


Got to ask if anyone has seen anything they DON’T like in the streams.

Does anything jump out where you think “omfg wtf is that?” (in a bad way)

Is the palette an issue now that you see the game in motion?


Me too…I refunded AOW3…too much tactical in my strategy game

BUT, the combat here is WAY more interesting…cover, over watch, destructable terrain features…good lord, its freakin XCOM

and the strategy layer is WAY more interesting than AOW3…getting an ‘Alpha Centarui’ vibe here


Yup, like I said some posts up.

It’s pretty much a totally new game in this respect.


I almost can’t watch them because these guys never do what I yell at the screen for them to do. But that’s pretty much every time I watch someone play a game I’m excited for. ;)

Das: I’m not seeing how I could have known this is an area effect attack… I’ll just bumble around on various hover tool-tips and wonder out loud for awhile…


Now, to his credit, he made a comment about how there should be a fourth icon (along the row of 100% red icon, 10 bio damage icon, 3 (range) icon) that shows the shape of the attack, which would indeed be handy.


Heh, I noticed it was AoE too, but only a few seconds before Das figured it out. I agree - an AoE icon would be much better.

I’ll watch more of his video with @BloodyBattleBrain in mind – looking for anything I don’t like. As I already mentioned, the pastels didn’t bother me at all.


I’m impressed by the tactical AI so far, I only watched a few minutes of Das footage this morning so far, I skipped ahead to get past his learning the game/tutorial stuff and landed mid-combat, and I have already seen two things I thought were great.

First, the enemy group consisted of Syndicate slaves, the tier 1 guys I think, and they used a pulse/shotgun blast ability to knock Das’s Dvar units out of their fortification they had hunkered down in. Then, exposed, the AI moved a powerful Assembly unit in to finish the flanked Dvar units off. EDIT: I made a little clip of that moment:

Second, the AI player on its next turn moved the Syndicate slave dudes into the fortification left vacant by their pulse shotgun blast, making them annoying to take out. Very cool.

I’ve seen the AI take advantage of unit special abilities and try to flank, as well as targetting units it seems to believe it can finish off with coordinated attacks between its units. Going to really give us a run for our money, I think.


I frankly would expect nothing less after the very solid tactical AI in AoW3.

Aside from “don’t mess it up,” the one thing I’d like to see out of the AI in Planetfall is a little less predictability. I can pretty much tell you what the AI is going to do on any given turn in AoW3. While I’ve played way the hell too much of that game, that’s still a net negative IMO.


Yes, the AI likes to flank.

From what I have heard, it isn’t so suicidal as it used to be. IN AoW3 it would prioritise a kill over survivability.

Here it’s been rebalanced.

I even heard a rumour the AI will retreat sometimes.