Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

I’m convinced I’m going to want to play this. Are there any preorder deals still floating around?

GMG has it a little cheaper, $43 I think for the regular edition (14% or nine bucks off).

@Chris_Gwinn If you are lucky enough to get that GMG 22-25% off deal, that’s the way to go, it seems. I picked up the Premium Edition with a second round of 25% off codes, then saw a 22% off one after that.

Note: GMG Summer sale starts on the 17.

I guess they probably will not have this on sale, but those that haven’t gotten it yet might as well wait a few days …

GMG has a 20% off coming soon games, that includes Planetfall. @Chris_Gwinn


An update on my earlier complaint about how gigantic the temporary streaming guy is for the weekly Planetfall stream on \paradoxinteractive (he’ll be airing in a few hours today, his third week of streaming while the normal guys are on vacation). First, an example as I talked about this in another thread (about Twitch):

This guy has been filling in and I’ve found him somewhat unwatchable - he’s got a bit of a tick where he does a little giggle after some of the things he says, randomly. I don’t begrudge someone an random tick like that, and usually that sort of thing doesn’t bother me, but for some reason this one does and I had to stop watching the weekly stream when he took over.

But the other issue I had is he makes himself such a huuuuge part of the screen. I think it’s wildly unnecessary and if anyone else felt the same, possible good news:

So while his mild giggle might still cause me to bail, I’ll give it another shot here in a bit.

Look what you caused Scott…

LOL those monsters.

Ok yep, the giggle, whoa.

Its like every 30 seconds. D:


He is sporting the Phil Collins later in life cut. No issues with that.

Anyway the game looks great, can’t wait for release.

I’m glad I’m not the only one - I was enjoying the game, and he’s a good streamer in terms of “clicking” with the game and playing it, but that giggle-tick thing is… man, it’s a tough one.

I apologize for pointing it out, you maybe wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, now that I think of it…

I think I know why - his very big, white forehead is sort of distracting, especially at the size he was at before. I mean, this guy has effectively my forehead, so I’m not in a position to cast stones - but that big expanse of white in the lower left, even now they resized (thankfully) him, is still pretty hard to not notice. It’s still waaay better now than the first two weeks he streamed.

Conversely, this is one of the normal/employee streamers:

He probably should not be wearing a hat.

Honestly, and I bitched about this in the Twitch chat, I think it would be great if streamers would stop putting themselves on the screen entirely. I for sure prefer YouTube in that regard, where it’s not a very common practice.

I’m with you on the hat, take that shit off and show some god damned respect.

Can I has link to offending video? Want to see giggle ticks.

I can’t stand it when streamers put themselves onscreen like that. I’m here to see the game, not you.

His hairline seems so bad because the camera is above him.

Bald is fine, but we don’t need a view from above his head.

I dunno, if it was me, I’d just fully shave it.

You asked for it. :)

If you still have hair, shaving sucks, because you have to do it every few days or you get that regrowth.

I’m not super lazy, but I find keeping a completely shaved head to be a pain.