Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


This. It comes across as fake enthusiasm.

“‘To protect their territory, they can use CALLLL of the HIIIIVE to spawn extra TROOPS when they are’…okay, what does all this sci-fi garbage mean again?”


Her enunciation is kind of wonky, but it’s not a huge deal overall. I’ve certainly heard worse.


I mean, it’s a narration in a feature trailer for a video game. There is not a single quantum universe in which it is a big deal ;)


Not a big deal.

But it is interesting how the consensus seems to not like the narration.

I’m much more intrigued by the discord chat (some devs hang out there btw!) And how class, sorry secret tech, and race work together.

Kir’ko Promethean?

DVAR Xenoplague?

And we don’t know anything about the Syndicate,

Or celestial secret tech, or the last, unrevealed secret tech, apparently ending with “sis.”


And yet there is like 2 dozen posts about it here. Wake me when someone posts game info please.


Every Thursday there’s something new.

Not sure if you’ve seen the development diaries and videos already.
If not, go here:

And here:

For the stickied threads.

If you already have seen all of that then you know what we know!

There’s also a discord channel if you’re interested.

And the commented on video is the latest thing we’ve seen and the most jarring thing is indeed the narration.

Other than that it’s mostly good. A bit short though.

In the discord Fenraellis got a bunch of screen captures and dissected it.


It sounds like if my wife was making fun of me by reading the back of a newly delivered board game with fake enthusiasm. Spirit Island: "Powerful SPIRITS have existed on this ISOLATED island for time…immemorial.


Christ on a carousel, all this talk of the narration made me go watch the video. It wasn’t phenomenal but it didn’t seem bad to me at all. Sounded like they just went with a news reporter style. Felt like a local news report explaining something new to the audience.


Yeah, you guys made me watch the video, too. And guess what? The narration is awesome because she sounds like Adrienne Barbeau reading the exposition text at the beginning of Escape from New York. That’s a great thing to have in your video.



All narration in all media properties should be done by Nickelodeon’s own (and, later, Food Network’s own) Mark Summers, who pronounces the end of literally every sentence, no matter how mundane or inconsequential, as though it were the punchline to a beloved dad joke.


Ok she sounds like a weird aunt of mine. So I liked it.


I’d prefer NPR’s Bill Curtis. Or maybe the voice of Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale (gah, forgetting his name, he co hosts a largely boring trivia show / podcast now).


Maybe this was subversive marketing on Paradox’s part?






I like the kirko more now than before.

Getting a district 9 aliens feel as opposed to tyranids.

That battle was great but obviously 😂😂 I think I could have done better.

Actually probably not but I’d like to try.


I like the race quite a bit now, as well, and I like the Celestial secret tech, as long as the AI can use it well I think that’s a strong indication this will be my new favorite 4x game. Fingers crossed.

The game itself looked a little more completed now, with less jank and better visual effects for some things, but some of what I hope are place holder art for other things. The tactical considerations in combat seemed really fun, but I would once more rather see someone play a regular game rather than something canned and pre-planned.


Yeah a regular game!

I don’t think we’ll see that for a while as the intent appears to be to be more of a display than anything.

EDIT: Come join the discord peeps!!!


New development diary, this time about the diplomacy system.

It’s rather radical for an AoW game.–-dev-diary-19-diplomacy.1127314/


AND, make an AI be able to use all the neat diplomacy stuff…

yeah, I went there