Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


I changed it 4 times and friggin autocorrect man. I didn’t even notice it did it again.


With AOW3 I rather liked using teams. Me and one AI against say two other AI teams. This effectively forced the outcome and didn’t rely on diplomacy to work, haha.


Ah, Civ! Yeah, even before I started on that path, Civ5’s AI rubbed me completely off. It’s not that it’s bad, I don’t play enough for it to matter (and minmaxing is a job), it’s that its so bloody random and clearly playing by some other rules. While Civ6 doubled down on the AI as an obstacle in a puzzle, I still dig Civ4’s stories.


See Civ IV is also ruined for me! I played it again a few years back for the classic game club.

I can’t even get into that one. That attempt to go back to Civ just made the break permanent. I can’t do it, Paradox games ruined it for me.


Well I’m not sure we’re getting full on EU diplomacy here.

Not sure it would even fit.


Well there doesn’t need to be all the options, but the diplomatic systems need to be as integral and important as in the Paradox games. For example they mentioned how relations are not mutual, meaning that your view of a nation and their view of you can be different. Having the AI like you less for then doing things you dislike is always dumb.

The big thing for me is being able to have more than just send gift to bribe them to like you more, war, and not war. Like, for example, royal marriages are not just a thing that makes someone like you more, there is actual gameplay tied to that. You can declare a guarantee on a weaker nation, and they like you more too. But it also has impacts. Long term alliances and friendship mean more than one that you just made. Same dynasty, same religion, same culture group all impact relations in subtly different ways. Those are the core ideas what I’m talking about.

Now not all of that could be ported 1:1 into AoW perhaps. And I’m not certain what the equivalents would be. That is their designers job to figure out. But I can say that being as thoughtful about the diplomatic integration is a huge deal. If they can include the kind of diplomatic value, that would go a long way towards solving one of my big issues.

But careful with that denounce button Eugene. I saw that there, and that was one of my major gripes with Civ. Montezuma randomly denounces you, starting a chain that ends with Elisabeth breaking Alliance and denouncing you as well, despite the 3000 year alliance that has been profitable to both.


Oh god. “I hate you because…I hate you!” So dumb. I mean, “I hate you because…you suck!” Fair enough. I’ve been known to suck from time to time. But the tautological insanity of “I hate you more because our relations are bad!” is silliness.


I’ll be interested to see what they do with diplomacy, but I’m not playing Planetfall for diplomacy any more than I played AOW3 for it.


After all the discussion concerning the intricacies of PvP and PvE diplomacy, it might be good to know there is a monster faction that is ALWAYS hostile which you can kill without any grievances or consequences.–-dev-diary-20-marauders.1128689/


Small change that noone is talking about- marauders can spawn later in the game, in reaction to noch quests and player actions.

Potentially quite the game changer. I take it to mean that uncolonised sectors will remain dangerous even after they’ve been cleared.

If you don’t settle it then the outlaws might again.

Combine that with marauders getting stronger as the game goes on and you could get a mid to late game threat. 😊


Yeah, there was a lot of really cool mechanics with creeps (marauders) here and I’m super excited about it.


And judging from the forum chat, it’s a markedly less divisive topic than vassalage!


This looks exciting. Is there any secret strategy to getting into the beta? I signed up for the Planetfall newsletter but didn’t see any way to sign up for beta.


@Spock no there isn’t.

Devs basically invite those they think are useful.

So people who can not just play, but play and dissect, explain why x is fun or not fun, suggest improvements and do all of that in a logical and calm way.

Sometimes it’s quite hard to point at something that has clearly taken effort to create and say that it just isn’t very good. 😕

Beta testing is quite challenging. It’s not just playing the game early.😅


Dvar faction spotlight.

In the discord they’ve been described as quite “metal.”


These guys seem awesome!


So, space dwarves?



As has been said. 😂😃

@legowarrior your thoughts ?




Yep, they were announced with the game, and this is our first official look at them. They seem pretty cool, distinct in their own way, and I like they have their own damage type (Explosive) and can shape charges and create smart weapons, plus terraforming.

So far my only complaint with Planetfall is the animations and visual effects are a little rough. I’m hoping that’s just something that is still being worked on, because the maps and the units and most of the UI looks fantastic.