Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


Quoted for truth.

Dark elf Storm Priests are the coolest.


I’m totally willing to concede this point. I was going off memory, and like I said I don’t typically use a lot of T4s. I also don’t play multiplayer, so I got nothing on that side of things

This, though? Nah. Berserkers are fantastic and the empire & econ bonuses Warlords get can make for perfectly good early games.

Shamans seem so meh. Oh good, a T3 priest. Whoopee. Except they’re surprisingly tough for a support, they get elemental attacks to deal with physical-resistant things, and Entangling Touch is one of the best disables in the game. They’re just good in almost any situation, and you’re never sad to have them. Deceptively effective, says I.

Overall though I could make a gushy fanboy post about every class and race in this game. One of the most impressive achievements Triumph has accomplished is in making everything so fun in its own way.


I’m always far more concerned about a late game Warlord or Dread than anything else.

Against the AI that is.

I think it’s because their model works so well with the AI bonuses.

And it’s easier to stack Manticores than Horned Gods.

Sometimes I think AoW1 is my favourite but a large dose of that is atmosphere and nostalgia.

There’s just something great about the hand drawn look of the first game.

Plus I think it had the best campaign


Manticores are buttheads. I hate fighting those things.


Horned Gods have entangle strike iirc?

If I were to make a mod, I think I’d nerf the speed of manticores. I’d knock them down to 28 mp.

That way they are slow but tanky/damaging.


Give me an Eldritch Horror and I’m a happy man, lol (I love the Dominate skill). The Horned God is quite nice, especially once they get their meatshield/boar, but the issue is Age of Magic; once obtained, Sorcerers will be able to spam their T4s closer to the rate Warlords spam Manticores. Of course, this is a late-game strategy only.


Lol, what does this term mean?


LOL - things that slow down expansion; wandering monsters, neutrals, etc.


hahaha I like that


ME: See’s lots of activity in the Planetfall thread, reads eagerly.

ME: Checks thread title more carefully.


Dvar In-depth deep dive:–-dev-diary-21-the-dvar-faction-indepth.1132179/



I think they look rather pimp.


Well, I mentioned it up thread when they had the video reveal of the Dvar but they seem awesome to me. I like the unit design quite a lot, and as a guy that plays Dwarf units and characters in games like these, I expect they will be my first race.

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Thoughts in general from everyone.

Anyway don’t worry about replying or not replying.

Each new faction and video seems more and more polished.


This game is gonna be so good. I hope it sells like hotcakes.


More info, and an hr long dev video, showcasing the DVAR:


Looks pretty good. .


The 43 min YouTube archive is here:

Just starting to watch this now… be back with impressions in a bit!


Operations Part 1 (Strategic Ops)–-dev-diary-22-operations-part-i-strategic-ops.1137841/

These are the “spells” of the game, you research and can “cast” them in combat and on the game map. The Strategic Ops are the ones you use on the Strategic Map, which is the normal gameplay area, and these are the focus of today’s diary.

Very cool. I like that you first “prime” an operation on the strategy map, allowing you to hold several “primed” and ready to use ops as you wish once you pay for them (unlike in AoW3 when you might have a powerful spell redy to rock but your target wasn’t in place yet, so you had to just wait and not cast anything else until your target was in view).

I’m also a big fan of high level strategy layer maps (see stuff like Warhammer II), and this game has one when you scroll back far enough that looks very useful, even as a work in progress peek.


The magic system in aow3 wasn’t as intricate, in depth or as fun as it could have been.

This looks like a big improvement.


Wow very cool.