Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

After the Tutorial you’ll probably want to move into the Practice Planet as it’s a 1v1 with almost everything set to easiest. It’s intended as a introduction to how a normal RMG Match goes and disables a bunch of the extra options that you might have if you picked up any of the DLC’s, as well as some disabled Empire Quests & Victory Conditions. For the rest it’s like Sharpe says, try using the more generic Factions and Secret Techs. Vanguard Promethean is a common one.

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I love so very many things about this game.

So, latest Empire world is…Voidtech Amazons!

This seems like a weird anti-synergy, right? Voidtech is all about weird timey-wimey machines and kinetic and laser attacks, none of which plays particularly nicely with the Amazon focus on biological units and biochem/laser attacks.


The Amazon flavor of the T2 Voidtech Echo Walker unit is friggin’ mounted, y’all. I can’t tell you how much stronger they are in practice, as that bonus extra movement covers the biggest weakness of the Echo Walker (getting into melee in the first place – there’s a reason melee infantry pretty much all have non-trivial secondary attacks).

Plus! They have a single-swing melee attack that hits slightly harder than the regular 3x Echo Walker attack. Bummer, right? Wrong! Slightly harder is more than good enough, because when you summon the clone he comes in with a single action point anyway. Plus they get the flanking bonus like the regular Amazon lancers do.

It is glorious, friends.

Now, they’re beyond useless on the water, so keep that in mind. Can’t hit fliers, slow as hell, and can’t use their clone ability. Bad times there. But hey, that’s what flying laser dinos are for.

Huh. Finally finished a Grail planet and the final Grail fight wasn’t hardly a thing, after beating back the nonstop freaking waves of Forgotten that weren’t at all interested in allowing this planet to join the Empire.

There’s a lack of consistency sometimes :(.

Hard to complain about but in my games, I tend to get too powerful for things like landmarks and anomalies to be annoying (and the grail is an anomalous site iirc)

Also, one thing, not at you @Adam_B but at everyone, is that if you let the game progress to the late game, e.g. turn 80 plus, which is best done by having a very large map and hard AI settings, then the AI will start building and modding t3 and t4 units, and will usually outnumber you and will pose a challenge.

I think the sweet spot would be to bring that t3 and 4 wave forwards, ut there are AI mods that have managed this, I think by adjusting the resources the AI gets.

Anyway, my current Pangaea map is on turn 104 and I am fightng a war on 3 fronts, because I was closing in on a domination victory and the remaining AI got angry about it.

It is possible I could lose because the bulk of mya rmy is far to the east, where the 4th AI just got crushed, but my capital and main provinces are largely undefended. I have some 15 stacks closing in on me from various directions, but strong militia defences and a small mobile army in the interior should be able to firefight, while my massive (8 stacks I think) army in the east just turns in and destroys my enemies, from right to left.

I just had an epic fight where I won a defence with 8 Bulwarks (with the autonom self repair module) and 3 ramjets and 1 Vanguard plane, a Baron and some other stuff, held of a Syndicate assault led by 2 Zeniths. TWO.

It was glorious!!!

So I’m still finishing out an Empire campaign and up to the point where the planets can be utter beasts.

I just started one that was labelled as a Voidbringer Thrallworld which means the fauna/spawner attacks are just completely insane. I tried establishing colonies using the advance base as defense but even that was nowhere near enough. It’s like each colony would need a decent sized stack to defend it and I don’t see how the energy budget would work.

Have any of you folks defeated this setting? Tips, strategies?

I think by that point you should have some Uber heroes, and some powerful unlocked troops to purchase with renown.

And also be able to game the tactical combat somewhat:)

I haven’t got that setting yet, and at the rate I am playing (2 or 3 hrs a week:() it’ll be a while…

Hey Guys, things have been quiet for a while so I wanted to provide a little update regarding the upcoming PDXCon Remixed. While I’m sad to say we won’t be making any announcements during PDXCon this year, some Triumph Studios employees are participating in Panels & Talks throughout the event. Please take into account that all given times are in CEST.

Ages & Institutions: Journeys Through Paradox
Juney Dijkstra
May 21st from 08.00 - 09.00

Map Painters: Designing Game Maps for Map Games
Jakob Matthes/Eomolch
May 22nd from 02.30 - 03.10

From Finish to Start: Expanding a Complete Game
Tom Bird/Tombles
May 22nd from 19.05 - 19.45

C’mon, you’re really going to make us wait another year before announcing AOW4? :)

New update is out, and the first fix mentioned is that specific bug @tomchick complained about:

Update V1.404 - Update Notes

Galactic Empires
  • The Psi-Fish Hunting Grounds planet trait now forces the planet to be continents and disallows changing of game settings to prevent issues with Psi-Fish dwelling spawns.
  • Fixed the Masking Frequencies planet trait not working
  • Fixed not being able to choose the default Phoenix Walker requisition item as Vanguard, Amazon, Shakarn or Syndicate
  • Fixed not being able to buy high level vehicles using Renown in certain situations 
  • Fixed evasion bonus from the Skitter ability not resetting after Undo
  • Fixed Undo allowing you to circumvent the effects of Panic and Captivate
  • Fixed that applying Impaired on a unit would reset cooldowns and once per combat abilities from the disabled mods
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when you would Undo a move in combat after moving away from a hazard
  • Fixed issue where campaign missions could sometimes not be ended
  • Fixed that the Forgotten NPC Faction would sometimes not be present in the Obolus-5 campaign mission
  • Fixed that the Futurist achievement could no longer be unlocked
  • Fixed issue where buying a grail cypher from an NPC faction would not deduct its influence cost
  • Fixed occupied Shakarn and Oathbound colonies having access to previously built turret defenses unlike the other races
  • Fixed Soul Beacon Maelstrom not giving Essence Charges to friendly units
  • Fixed issue where operations that are being primed would not update when the amount of casting points available changed
  • Fixed an exploit caused by repeatedly aborting the production of a Colonizer unit
  • Fixed an exploit related to the Immaculate Breeding Ground Emergent spawn
  • Fixed that certain actions and events could end up blocking the victory screen (both in the Galactic Empire and scenarios)
  • Fixed multiplayer going out of sync by viewing the invasion forces in the Diplomacy screen
  • Fixed a crash that could happen during an AI turn in the late game
  • Fixed various instances where the AI could get stuck in their turn (which would leave you stuck at “Opponents are moving”).
  • Fixed issues with higher quality settings on M1-based Macs


Hopefully I’ll get some game time this weekend.

Incidentally, would anyone be up for a live mp game, small or medium map, few player (max4?)

Live as in real time?


I really enjoy this game, but man - each game takes me what…4-5 hours or so? That makes the Empire thing a rather daunting thing to succeed in!

So, then the players would likely have to be within time zones of each other…? I’m in UTC-05:00.

I’m UTC.

You define your own success lol.