Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


Fun, I’ll play!

First and foremost, don’t fuck up what made AoW3 so special. Perfectly paced tactical battles, a richly interactive map full of foozles to bamboozle, and a light-but-not-inconsequential empire-building layer that isn’t about spinning plates a la Civ but ensuring economic growth and also the building of bigger and badder murder machines. I want more Age of Wonders out of this, not some lame attempt to make it more like some other, lesser game.

So, that out of the way, what new things do I want?

Easier ways to pierce the fog and more accurately assess the strategic situation. Scouting in AoW3 is both incredibly important and kinda boring and tedious. I’ve always wanted some more passive threat assessment in games like this, where you have some concept of “dude is marshaling big armies up over there, might want to plan for that” without having to suicide cheap T1s doing flybys beyond watchtower range. But that’s pretty pie-in-the-sky and the workaround of disposable scouts works well enough, so I don’t actually expect it to be addressed.

More badass strategy-layer spells. Very few make much of an impact in AoW3, especially given their mana and casting cost that could be spent on something more consequential like unit summoning, terraforming, combat spells, and units/buildings in cities. I want a reason to pull down meteors from orbit, crack tectonic plates, boil oceans, airdrop invasive bioplagues, and all that ridiculous sci-fi stuff. “Machine units get 15% physical resist and +1 shock melee strength” is not the jam.

Fewer sieges, like you said. Midgame quickly becomes one 18v24 siege after another, and they are the worst kinds of battles. One or two as capstones to a map, sure, but not the endless slog please.

Maybe diplomacy that doesn’t suck? I’m fine with playing locked teams, but if there were something there I wouldn’t mind.

Damage calculations that are something other than a twisted paean to the Chaos Gods, maybe? Fucked if I have any idea how damage channels and strengths and defenses and resistances relate to how much damage an attack does after idk 800+ hours with the game.

Better hero leveling, for sure. What a turd of a system that is. Or at least a UI that supports it. I do really like the commander <> warrior <> mage choices you have to make, those have some impact and feel cool.

Better unit cards. Throwing a list of properties in no discernible order onto the screen, each of which must be moused over to understand what the fuck it does (if it does anything, plenty are just descriptors that are referenced by other abilities), does not a very merry Christmas make.

Also more things, but this is getting long, heh.



I’ll reply:

city management is getting more in depth and more like other games. That we know is happening.

So you may not like that.

combat system- we’re getting bigger tactical maps, true flying, cover, overwatch, miss chance etc. I think that part will be what you want.

Scouting - there is a passive sensors system, think radar, that has various upgrades etc, so you don’t need to suicide a scout to get info.

I am led to understand that spells, in the form of tactical and strategic operations, are much fewer in number and therefore, one supposed, more interesting!

Fewer sieges- well I believe there are fewer cities around, ergo fewer sieges, and the maps have been adjusted so it isn’t a wall system repeated alot.

Damage calculations were pretty straightforward dude! and the tooltips told you what to expect.

It was attack value minus defence value plus/minus 10% but with a minimum 5%damage iirc.

I hear the maths is actually more complicated now because of miss chances and grazes.

There is a dev diary about it somewhere.

Hero system- I believe it is being simplified a fair bit, and I believe heroes start on foot and there is a game about mounts.

Unit cards- oh my they heard you about this. Abilities have been merged and stripped and reduced to the core utility, ditto the method f
of displaying them.

Here’s the rub - it’s going sci fi which means lots of thematic etc changes. Not everyone is going to like it, and the biggest changes are actually not very obvious to non hard core players like me.

Rollover production, sector system etc are things that make a lot of sense to me because I have 2200 or so hrs in aow3 and have analysed that thing to death and beyond.

That’s not to denigrate what you are saying, if anything it’s to denigrate myaelf and realise that what the game will need to be successful is more bells and whistles shown more obviously.


I appreciate your reply by the way.

It’s absolutely good that you have an idea what you like and don’t like and what you want.

I’ll direct Triumph to your post if that’s ok with you. They love feedback like this.


No need to ask me for permission ;) I could write up a damn novel on AoW3 feedback. I used to do this for a living, after all!

Appreciate the insight into what they’ve shown so far; I don’t really follow games pre-release any more so it’s cool to get the synopsis here.

City management being more “in depth” could be fine. Really the thing I don’t want is spinning plates, like I said - make sure you have the right happiness/science/gold/trade/whatever buildings so you can repeat the cycle in the next era. Bleh! I doubt Triumph is going to screw it up, but you asked, heh.

Thank goodness for rollover production. Maybe rollover research too? Optimizing that in AoW3 is not my favorite.

Miss chances…not sure how I feel about that. AoW3 had just the right amount of RNG in the battles IMO. Adding misses into that is a big step.

Oh that reminds me – fewer disables and charms in combat, please! I appreciate that they are a field-leveler and risk/reward mechanic with tall vs wide armies, but they are freaking everywhere in AoW3. If I were god-emperor of design, I’d be looking to dial that back by maybe 20-30%.

Not even close! It was something like avgDmg = (10 + (attack-def)) and then +/- 15% for the range, but there’s more less-obvious things that happen in the calculation that I still don’t fully understand. I mean, it worked in that the numbers move intuitively as attack/defense values change and as you said the excellent tooltips told you the result of the calculation so whatever, but that’s always been a gripe of mine.

When is Planetfall scheduled for launch now, like 3Q2019 or so?


As a huge AOW fan, I have always found the Tacticle layer missing something. I often skipped battles because it just felt like too much of the same.

My biggest hope for this game lies within the Tactical Layer.

The addition of what BloodyBattleBrain lists in his post (bigger tactical maps, true flying, cover, overwatch, miss chance) as well as height advantage, choke points etc, could be what pushes this over the edge to GOAT.

I know that in my little group of gamer friends, thats what we are all excited about.


You have wayyy too healthy an attitude for the internet! :-)


Also in.

If you miss, the chance is high that you “graze” i.e. hit for lower damage.

You need to be taking quite low % shots to actually miss completely.

I know stun is in, as are bleeding and poison. I don’t think there is anything like entangled though.

I ended up somewhat tired of siege battles eventually…

@Keith_Andrews_Art have you read thelatest dev diary?


Thanks! I had not.

Love reading about the High Ground, Choke Points, Cover, and Turrets.

I’m so excited about this. My #1 anticipated game.


Sounds like we are getting a look at the Amazons tomorrow, finally. A video, I assume?


That is 100 emoji fire emoji. Mmmmm.

I do feel like someone needs to remind artists that you can do something besides purple/green palettes to make things feel “sci-fi” and “alien.”

I blame Beyond Earth. It truly is the turd that keeps sucking, long after everyone gave up on playing it.


Neon pink please!


Pretty sure a Dinorider helmet does the trick in telling us it’s scifi.


Looks awesome to me. I love the idea of sci-fi druids, for sure. The faction has some really cool concepts, from commanding local creatures and spawning them in enemy territory to dropping boost pylons in battle. Looks good to me!

What is this, 4 revealed factions out of 6 now?


Bwaaah, dire space penguins. Lots of AOE, too.

Man, the narration on these is just off. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a joke fail to land as hard as the line about dinosaur head lasers.


Coming to GOG too.


Until they announce it as an Epic timed exclusive!


The thought crossed my mind for a second. ;)


I will kill a man.

Not really. But I’ll say mean things on the Internet.


Agreed - same thought when I listened


Yeah, something about the delivery isn’t quite right, I think it’s because it sounds like someone reading lines in a booth, instead of someone watching the footage while commenting on it.

I’m looking forward to (and I assume we’ll get this sooner rather than later) the actual developer look at the class, like we’ve had in the past. That will be where the best information comes from.

The game is shaping up a little more each time I see it, though there are still some special effects I hope are place holders (such as the dino-roar waves).

Watching that part again to get the above picture it didn’t bother me the second time like it did originally, but I still feel like they can do better with the vfx.